When and Why You Should Call for 24 Hour AC Repair


Air conditioners units are expensive. It should last you a good many years and work properly when in use. But for your air conditioner to work well, you need to ensure timely maintenance of the machine. When it requires emergency repairs, you need to call in an AC technician without delay. Timely repairs will help you maintain your air conditioner in top working condition for years to come.

Here’s when and why you should call 24-hour AC repair services.

When you hear unusual noises coming out of your AC unit –

Why – If your air conditioner is noisier than usual or making strange sounds then it can be indicative of some trouble inside the machine. Strange sounds coming from the air conditioner can mean a loose part or some problem with the functioning of a component. Such problems need to be checked without delay to avoid any serious damage to the AC machine.     

For instance, you need to immediately contact 24 hour AC repair Houston if you hear your AC unit making unusual noises.  It will help you to prevent the inconvenience of the machine breaking down in the middle of a hot summer Texan night.

When your AC unit is not cooling the house properly –

Why – If your AC is not cooling your house sufficiently then there is definitely a problem with the machine. It can indicate clogged filters inside the unit or a problem with the machine.

When your air conditioner is not cooling the house properly especially during extremely hot months then you need to call emergency repair services. Let’s say you live in Houston and it’s been a week since the air conditioner in your house is cooling the place properly. Then it is time for you to call a reputed 24-hour AC repair in Houston to get it checked immediately. Doing so will help you prevent spending a rather hot Houston summer day (or days) without any air conditioning in your house.

When your AC unit is leaking water –

Why – If your air conditioner unit is leaking water then it will not get resolved on its own. Leaking water from the AC units indicates a definite problem with it. The fault could be with the condensation coil or any other component of the machine.

Not getting the problem of leaking water from AC units checked on time can cause serious damage to the nearby walls and the ceiling. The dampness from the wall can spread rather quickly and make the walls prone to molds. The water could be leaking inside the machine as well and cause severe damage to it. The faulty component responsible for the leak can also get more damaged if not repaired in a timely manner.

When your AC unit is causing electrical fluctuations –

Why – If an air conditioner causes electrical fluctuations every time it is switched on then there is definitely some problem with it. The problem can be due to faulty installation or poor maintenance of the machine. Frequent electrical fluctuations or any kind of unusual electrical occurrence when you switch on the AC unit can indicate a problem with the wiring inside the machine.

Such a problem requires an emergency visit from a trained AC technician to prevent any serious damage to the machine or even your house.  

When you notice unusual smells coming out of your AC unit –

Why – If your AC unit is emitting strange noises then it can mean a problem with the inside components. You need to get it checked immediately to avoid any emergency situations later. In case you notice a burning smell coming out of the air conditioner then it warrants an emergency visit from a technician. In such a case, do not delay calling an emergency AC repair service even if it is the middle of the night. A burning smell can indicate a fault with a wire inside the unit. You will need to get it checked immediately. Also, be observant about other kinds of smells that shouldn’t come out of your AC. It can mean a problem with the condensation components or something else altogether. A technician will need to check it out to diagnose the problem.

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