Things to Consider When Choosing a Wastewater Lift Station


Lift stations are extensively used in diversified industrial applications, water treatment plants, and other sectors. Prepared with huge infrastructure, primarily lift stations facilitate to transfer wastewater from lower altitude to higher area whereas the source altitude is favorable to use gravity flow. Some of the essential elements of a typical lift station include wet-well, varieties of pumps and piping framework with needs valves, controlling motors, electrical and electronic control panels, ventilation and odor control devices, power supply units and so on.

Predominantly, among all machines pumps, switches, control panels, valves, and floats are required to withstand the continual strain, and demands regular expert maintenance, methodical inspection of volatile areas and on the spot repairing under the corrosive environments. To deal with the complex situations efficiently, enterprises nowadays prefer working with wastewater lifts station in Houston specializing in the areas with expert manpower, mechanism, needed trucks, and comprehensive know-how. If you’re one among those who are in quest of a service provider to attain industry standard, steady lift station service, before choosing a company make sure on the following points.

Background in maintenance

Vitally, a wet-well is likely to develop a number of issues including the sudden collapse of sewer infrastructure resulting in overflowing, backups, environmental spills, etc if not properly maintained. While hiring a wastewater lift station Houston service provider, you must ensure that they’ve considerable background in checking, cleaning, as well as pumping wet-wells as per schedule. Though pumping is usually required every 2-3 years, it’s however not mandatory, and often it may be frequent pumping to avoid grease and solid buildup as well as damaging effects of pumps. They should know to foresee the situations with needed inspection of submergible pumps also every quarter to minimize disorderly issues.

Expertise in inspection

Always look for specialized wastewater lift station in Houston equipped with a well-versed pool of inspectors to work in a combination of the repairing team. Regular inspection is vital for pump stations that help ensure impellers are working effectively without having clogging. While inspection of valves needs to be performed once in every six months, assessment and cleaning of floats four times a year ensure the effective functioning of the station. Inspection of the alarm system, light, ventilation tool, switches, and associated accessories should be carried out on a weekly basis. The alarm system is a vital element at alerts you to potential problems instantly, take control over the situation and avoid fines.

Repairing know-how

Talk to your proposed wastewater lift station in Houston services to ensure the scope of servicing and replacement of parts to be included in their service package. With consistent services as they can reduce the susceptibility to unwanted failures of the workstation and spillage, they equally provide replacements of certain devices including grinder pumps, effluent pumps, sewage pumps, and floats as per need. Remember, hiring an unscrupulous agency can be overwhelming which needs you to be careful enough before choosing the company to work for you.

A fleet of trucks and mechanisms

The group you hire should be properly fitted with state-of-the-art pumper trucks, blowing pumping devices, high capacity hoses of various parameters to deal with overflowing problems which are often experienced, even after standard inspection and well maintenance. Since eco-friendly disposal of sewage matters is a must, your servicing company should be committed to operating with the latest equipment’s that help address all environmental concerns in the course of disposal activities. Disposal should be according to the state and local municipal rules and regulations, and that should be manifested in all their activities.

Consistency in documentation

Proper record keeping is an essential part of services offered by professional groups. As records can support to spot troubleshooting in the course of maintenance, with this, a company can determine the history of various components, their MTBF and can assume future maintenance needs. A professional company must have required manpower to maintain full records of the lift station on your industrial property. To conclude, they must have well-trained team of workers, technicians, inspectors, and supervisors being licensed to work in the unfriendly atmosphere of wet-wells.

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