The Importance of Attic Cleaning: Tips to Get it Done!


If you have been searching online using keywords – attic cleaning near me; chances are the attic in your house definitely requires a thorough cleanup. If you are searching for service providers for cleaning the attic; chances are the task is considerable. Perhaps rodents have made the attic in your home their safe haven.

Whatever the reason you are looking for professional attic cleaning, it is a step in the right direction. Cleaning the attic regularly will keep contaminants away from your house. It will also help you organize the space.

If you are unsure about cleaning the attic, consider the points below.

The Importance of Attic Cleaning

The common saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can often apply to attics when it comes to cleaning them. It is easy to ignore it as it is not really in your face. But not paying attention to cleaning it can pose problems for the entire house.

Clearing dust – Dirt and dust will accumulate in the attic if it is not cleaned properly. The dust particles can spread throughout your house via the air ducts. It can affect the respiratory organs of your family. Dust can also cause allergies and make your eyes itchy, watery, and red.

Removing rodents – Rats and mice love to dwell in dark spaces. An attic provides them with a safe hiding place where no one disturbs them. Without regular cleaning, the attic can become full of rodent droppings and their smell. It is tough to remove rodents from a house where their smell has permeated drastically.

Resorting the space – Dirt and rodents can make the attic a haven for germs. Rodents can even damage the stuff you keep in the attic. The wooden walls, flooring, and beams in the attic can become damaged over time and have cracks in them. The air can leak through the cracks; raising your energy bills. Damaged walls can also pose a hazard to the house’s structure.

A clean attic will not only help you maximize space for storing the stuff you don’t use often; it will also keep your house free of germs and pests.

Tips to Clean your Attic

Clear the stuff – In order to clean the attic thoroughly, you will need to clear everything from the space. If it is not possible for you to move them to the house, put the stuff to one side of the attic.

Dust and clean – Clean the area where there are no belongings. Dust, vacuum, and sweep the attic properly. If needed, use an anti-bacterial solution to clean the surfaces. Remove mold if you see any. Take precaution to not inhale the mold as it can cause respiratory problems. Keep your mouth and nose covered with a mask or a cloth.

Sort through the stuff – Look through all the boxes and stuff you have put to one side. Remove what you don’t need and take them downstairs. Keep clearing the boxes out and put them away to the cleaner side. You may want to take the proper time to sort through everything. You can even make ‘to keep’ and ‘to donate’ piles to make the sorting task easier.

Organize the space – When the sorting is done; clean the area. It is best to dust and wipe the entire attic once more. Do not forget to clean the windows and deep corners in the attic. Seal the holes to keep the rodents away. Place anti-rodent chemicals around the attic if needed.

Check the insulation – While you clean the attic, it is a good idea to inspect the insulation to see if everything is in order.

Call for professional help – If the work is simply excessive, you can always call for professional help. There are service providers offering attic cleaning services. You can call a reliable local company and get the job done conveniently.

If you see rodent droppings, you will need to take measures to eliminate them. You can call a rodent removal company for the task. You can also hire them to rodent-proof the attic. Some companies also offer comprehensive services that include rodent removal, rodent-proofing, and attic cleaning. Such companies can also upgrade your insulation. So, it is best to call a company that offers all these services.

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