Six Signs to Call a Professional Plumber


Taps and valves are the important fixtures of any home. Many times, you see a leakage of water through the plumbing equipment but neglect it in the course of work. This simple leakage may have severe consequences. In an examination, it is found that 4 drops of water per minute may end into losing of up to 522 liters of water per year. And if the leakage is 120 drops per minutes, the loss is 15,766 liters of water in a year.

It is believed that an average of 11, 35, 419 liters of water gets wasted every year due to leakages of toilet fixtures. This situation needs to be changed. People should be aware of this unwanted wastage of the most valuable resource due to their sheer negligence. Sometimes more than negligence, people wish to try their own hands on curing the issue but end up messing the situation.

Plumbing is a professional job and needs experience, knowledge, relevant gears, and sound execution to get the work done. Whether it is a home or a commercial establishment, a licensed plumber puts all efforts to rectify and solve the issues related to plumbing. There are some signs that indicate you that it’s the time of calling a professional plumber in Burbank, Dallas, or Columbus.

1. Mold and Mildew at Ceiling or Wall:

Often you see dampness on wall or ceiling above the shower. People tend to neglect this sign as it does not show any severe problem from outside. The truth is that it is an alarming situation indicating a leakage in the pipe concealed within the wall. During the course of time, a leakage will not only result in water loss but also breaks down the strength of the structure drastically. Bacteria and fungi grow around the continuous dampness which can cause various diseases for your family. So, if you see any mold or mildew on the ceiling that draws your attention repeatedly, it is the time to call a professional plumber for the solution.
2. Puddles in the Lawn:

If your area has not witnessed any rainfall but still you find that lawn in the backyard has developed puddles, this is the alarm for you to call a professional plumber in Los Angeles. Many times, the septic tank is beneath the lawn and any choking, pipe breakup or clogging can cause such puddles on the ground. There may be something wrong in septic tank or its system. It stinks very badly and creates a problem of sanitation diminishing your environmental hygiene. The problem may become major and unbearable with negligence. A delay may also be heavy on your pocket as severe problem needs a higher degree of skill and expenditure. Before that happens, you must contact a professional plumber and sort out the issue readily.

3. Freezing of Pipes in winters:

During winter, temperature goes below the freezing point and causes water solidification in the pipes. The water distribution in your house gets disturbed due to water freezing in the supply pipe. It not only stops the supply but also becomes hazardous to your house because it can burst at any time. It may develop a crack in the pipe and make the situation miserable. Many times, water pipes are concealed and it is hard to procure them manually. A professional plumber is equipped with advanced tools that can track the problem area and crack down the issue without damaging the walls or floors.

4. Low Water Pressure:

When the pressure of water in the taps reduces drastically, it is the sign to run for a skilled plumber instantly. It can be caused due to the problem in your storage tank or may be due to a breakage in the main pipeline of municipal water. Sometimes, the minerals may also get accumulated on the walls of the pipe and create a bottleneck in it. In this situation, a professional plumber ( can remove all such blockages related to decomposition on pipe walls using high-tech equipment and advanced tools.

5. If Water Bills Continuously Go On a Higher Side:

If your water bills are consistently on a higher side despite the use of water being within limits, there may be a hidden leakage. It needs to be addressed immediately not only due to the soaring bills but also to stop the wastage of water. Your system needs a replacement or a serious repair. It is difficult to handle such issues by an amateur. So always call a professional plumber for handling such problems.

6. Any Unpleasant Odor:

Sometimes an internal leakage in the sewage or drainage may not show signs on the ground. A malodorous pipe can make your life miserable and unpleasant. Call a professional plumber in such conditions to get immediate relief from this awful smell.

These are the six alarming signs that you should never neglect. Whenever you notice any of these signs in your premises, you know it’s time to call a plumber.

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