Redefining the Looks of Your Bathroom with Unique Bathroom Vanities


Never compromise on the quality of your bath vanities regardless of whether you have limited or abundant space. Always look for the best fixtures that can transform your entire bathroom. Irrespective of the fact whether you modify your bathroom on your own or hire someone else for the job, you have to buy the right fixtures. Numerous bath fixtures and accessories are available online. However, choosing unique pieces provide a great look to your bath space. Let’s take a look at a few unique bathroom vanities in this regard:

Redefining the Looks of Your Bathroom with Unique Bathroom Vanities

  • Vanity Cabinet Set – If you want to maximize the space of your bathroom, opt for cabinets. Moreover, these are great organizational tools. You may pick up various styles including traditional, contemporary or antique as per your preference. Nevertheless, weigh up the fact that your bath cabinets can provide you the convenience of storing anything like towels, accessories and toiletries at the back cabinet doors and can still maintain your desired grace and finesse. If you have a lot of space for your rest room, you can build cabinets directly into the room. Go for environmentally friendly solid wood with zero emission as this would help to prevent warping and would last for a long time. Besides, it would be better if you investigate the manufacturing process of wood, sanding, painting and finishing. A highly water-resistant and low V.O.C. sealed finish would be simply great as they can offer more durability and protection to the surface.
  • Wall Mount Vanity Bathroom Mirror – Installing wall mirrors give a royal look to your restroom space. Different types of mirrors are available in the market such as LED Lighted Wall Mount Vanity Bathroom Mirror with Defogger, Polished Edge Mirror, Rayne Brushed Silver Double Vanity Mirror and many more. The LED Lighted Wall Mount bathroom mirror offers a simple and aesthetic style, combining utility with elegance. You can suspend the illuminated mirror either horizontally or vertically. The exclusive box-in-frame LED illumination is a bathroom conversation piece, yet offers the required light for cleanliness and clothing. Moreover, through its defogging mechanism, the iconic LED mirror provides all functionality of your bathroom. Besides, the neat design offers a modest focal point for your bathroom. If you want a straightforward and contemporary look, this frameless LED bathroom mirror is the right choice for you with its pure and clean design. The rectangular illuminated glass provides a portrait as well as a landscape theme for your bathroom decor. The compact dimensions of the LED mirror bestow a perfect and subtle accent for dual vanities. You can get a streamlined form at your bathroom with this wall-mounted rectangular mirror. The illumination from this innovative LED mirror is eco-friendly with less energy consumption and long lasting usage as compared to traditional light. Often, the lighting comes with LED strips in a box-frame pattern, fixed within the mirror frame at the back of the glass. You won’t get any distracting glare as the emitted light from this bathroom mirror is crisp. Furthermore, you will get a decorative accent from the LED box-in frame when the illuminated mirror is turned off. In addition, there is a safe and innovative heating coil pad behind the mirror to keep it free from condensation. You don’t have to wipe off the mirror and as a result of which, no streak or swirl is formed. The defogger also enhances your hygiene and dress.
  • Vessel Sinks – Installing a vessel sink will add style and elegance to a conventional room. These bathroom vanities often bestow a natural look, warmth and safe feel worth your investment depending on their type. You may opt for under counter sink which is installed from below. Under counter sinks are useful for washing hands, offering a modern-day look to your entire bathroom. Opting for a Vessel Sink that sits above the counter is not a bad choice as it low maintenance and you can choose them from more patterns and designs. Moreover, an ergonomic spout rotation helps in 360-degree water control. Get the right one that helps in easy cleaning and retaining non-tarnish shine.

You may choose various other accessories like shower doors, panels and steam showers and faucets. Place orders online for unique bathroom vanities and embellish your restroom with an exceptional grace.

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