Why Reclaimed Furniture is a Great Addition to Your Home


Every home speaks volumes about its owners/dwellers. It reflects their personality and their tastes in building a dream abode. In creating homes that are individualistic and unique, reclaimed wooden furniture plays an important role. Also called old wood, lumber of this kind are obtained from demolished or salvaged sources rather than tress felled for the purpose of producing wooden furniture.

A perfect choice for decorating and remodeling homes, furniture made from this type of wood has many advantages. We take a look at a few of them that make reclaimed wood a great addition to your home.

•  Eco – friendly – reclaimed lumber includes salvaged wood obtained from sources like demolished houses, barns, railways tracks, barges, floating logs etc. Using this type of lumber helps reduce wooden waste in demolished sources and also brings down the amount of landfill. It also prevents felling of trees for the manufacture of furniture and hence causes lesser depletion of natural resources.

•  Responsible – Reclaimed vanities many a time are hand-made or hand crafted. Buying such articles of furniture helps promote local artisans and craftsmen. This leads to the survival and growth of communities which promote local business and small enterprises. Reclaimed wood thus serves as a responsible option for people looking to refurbish their homes.

Why Reclaimed Furniture is a Great Addition to Your Home•  Customizable and exclusive – Every piece of reclaimed wood has an individual character to it. Unlike mass manufactured ones, each article of salvaged wood is different from the other; possessing its own unique grain, color, appearance, texture etc. Additionally, many manufacturers of reclaimed wood furniture also allow for customization. This lends exclusivity, and a distinctive look and feel to the furniture made from this kind of lumber.

•  Strong and durable – Reclaimed wood is usually exposed to varying weather conditions for long periods of time. This causes the lumber to become more strong and durable. The multiple contractions and expansion that the wood undergoes, also makes it less prone to warp or split over use. This continued seasoning of the wood also makes it less likely to cup or twist during manufacture. As a result, reclaimed wood is more dimensionally stable and easier to work with.

•  Rustic and beautiful – Old wood is exposed to different climatic conditions – from sun and extreme heat in summer to rain storms, and snow in freezing winter – for long periods of time. The continued natural weathering leaves an imprint on the wooden surface, creating marvelous grains that lend a natural, and beautiful texture. The weathered look thus developed, imparts a rustic charm to the piece of wood, and makes it an interesting component in village or vintage themed interior décor.

•  Creative – Old wood makes an interesting and effective raw material in bringing home some creativity. This kind of lumber can be combined with other materials to bring out exciting compositions in wooden furniture. For e.g., reclaimed wood can be combined with leather in bar stools. It can be used in bath or powder room vanities, whose table top can be set in marble or soapstone. In combination with metal accents and inlays, the wood can be used in TV consoles, book shelves, coffee tables, and sofas that adorn living rooms. Also, like regular articles of furniture, reclaimed wood too can be remodeled with surface finishes that complement or contrast the interiors that they are placed in.

For people looking to refurbish their homes or modify their appearance and feel, reclaimed wood is an inevitable choice. From bathrooms vanities to kitchen cabinets, table tops and bar stools, wooden furniture of any kind can be built in old wood. The lumber is a great choice in redefining and enhancing home interiors in a creative way. It also serves as an attractive option in lending a rustic appeal to present day abodes that pay a lot of attention to design and décor to bring out exclusivity and charm.

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