All that You Need to Know About Choosing Double Sink Bathroom Vanities


When building a new home or refurbishing existing ones, the one thing that tops your mind is bathroom vanities. Just as they add beauty and functionality to bathing spaces, they create confusion in the minds of home owners with regard to one aspect – whether to choose a single sink vanity or double sink vanity. While most of them prefer to own the latter, there are pros and cons attached to the same. Here is all that you need to know about picking a double sink bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

All that You Need to Know About Choosing Double Sink Bathroom VanitiesThe Advantages

A major reason for couple to choose a double sink vanity is the lack of time. Leading busy lives, they are squeezed for time in the morning when rushing to work or packing off children to school. Access to the bathroom at the same time becomes important in such situations.

•  A double sink vanity gives you more personal space. You are not crammed for space in front of a single sink and you wouldn’t be pushing each other aside to gain access to the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing your face, or dabbing the moisturizer onto your face.

•  You have a separate designated area. The beau can have his space for the shaving kit while the belle can keep her cosmetics, makeup and other items separate form that of her spouse, meaning you aren’t at each other’s necks for items not being kept in their place or the vanity top being too crammed. Your partner won’t be knocking anything over either.

The Tradeoffs

•  A dual sink bathroom vanity costs more than one with a single sink. Every time you need a repair, this large vanity costs you more.

•  Double sink vanities tend to offer lesser counter space, and in turn decreased opportunity for displaying items on the countertop, as most of them will need to be stacked away in the drawers or cupboards underneath.

•  In bathrooms that do not have sufficient space, double sink cabinets take up a larger space, also on account of the double drain pipes that need to be accommodated.

When and Where to Use a Double Sink Vanity

Double sink vanities are best used when there is 6 feet or more of space available, as this is the minimum required size to contain two sinks. It gives the sufficient space between couples standing next to each other, so that they do not bang their elbows or feel crowded.

Vanities with two basins are best used in master bathrooms as they give the maximum space. They are advisable for use in guest or children’s bathrooms only if the minimum required area is available. Also when using them in children’s bathrooms, it is better to opt for drawers rather than cupboards which makes access and storage easier.

When selecting a location for bathroom vanities, it is important to plan ahead and check for ease of cleaning. A double sink vanity takes up more space than one with a single sink, and this over time, may impede with regular cleaning activities, especially if you want to reach the corners and keep them sparkling.

Selecting Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are available in pre-fabricated and custom built styles. The former is easier to choose and install because of its fixed dimensions. The elbow clearance and space needed between two sinks are already taken care of in this model. Custom vanities, on the other hand offer benefits in terms of meeting specific requirements, with regard to space, design, material etc. Ordering custom vanities requires you and your partner to work with an experienced designer or cabinet maker who can offer the right solution by taking all possible needs into consideration.

Double sink bathroom vanities when chosen with care, can be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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