Minka Lavery Chandeliers: Seven Breathtaking Designs for The Modern Home


Chandeliers are often the first of objects to come to our mind when we talk about light fixtures. It is among the first lighting products to be used for an aesthetic purpose as much as a functional one. Chandeliers have undergone much transformation over time – beginning with intricate designs, carved metal, crystal beads, shiny glass globes, candelabras, and so on, to more sleek, geometric and simple designs that are in tandem with contemporary themes, and more fit for urbane styled homes. Minka Lavery Chandeliers offers an array of lighting solutions ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary styled ones. These products feature anywhere from five to even eighteen or more lights, making them a marvelous addition to living rooms. Here is a look at 7 brilliantly designed chandeliers from this brand.

minka-lavery-chandeliers-seven-breathtaking-designs-for-the-modern-home•  Camer – Handcrafted in Italy, this product has a unique artistic allure that lends a hue-filled charm to living spaces. Camer is an 8 light chandelier that features candelabra lights. The body and lights are made of colored/stained glass with showcase leaf and flower accents. The material used is Murano glass, and the chandelier uses 60 W bulbs as its illumination source.

•  Nanti – A unique chandelier that features a drum-shaped design, Nanti emanates an aura of beauty and mystery around it. The product features an Iron Oxide Finish with Etched Vanilla Glass, and showcases and intricately etched pattern of metal set against a warm ivory colored background of the lampshade. Nanti is a 3 light chandelier that uses A19 Med bulbs and is dimmable in nature.

•  Bella Fiori – When graceful art meets stylized sophistication, products such as Bella Fiori are born. This chandelier blends in contemporary and artistic inspirations with ease to create a light fixture that is as awe-inspiring as it is breathtaking. Bella Fiori features 13 lights with 50 W Gu10 bulbs. The body is finished in Chrome and the lights in Piastra Orchid Glass which in turn has floral shaped Eidolon Krystal™ accents inside.

•  Ajourer – Chandeliers were once a mark that belonged to the royalty and hence featured designs that were true to their taste. Ajourer by Minka Lavery is one such chandelier that remains true to its root through its design. The central space is occupied by rows of glass and metal accents. The candelabras are nestled in a circular base surrounding this core. Covering these light sources is a wide ring of metal that features intricately carved designs lending it a truly royal look. Ajourer is finished in French Bronze and houses 13, B10.5 candelabras.

•  Squared – Contemporary styled lights often borrow a lot of inspiration from Geometry. Squared is one such chandelier whose minimalistic style speaks volumes and fits perfectly into urban themed homes. This light fixture features a circular base over which 5 Xenon G9 bulbs rest. Covering each of these lamps is a cuboidal lampshade made in frosted glass lending it an icy-glow. Squared is a height adjustable chandelier that contains a metal body finished in Polished Nickel and has lights that are dimmable.

•  Winter Solstice – This design is a feather in the hat of Minka Lavery, and features a stunning 310 lights within a single chandelier. These lights in turn are housed within three ring shaped frames of varying sizes suspended from the center. True to the name, this chandelier reminds one of the halos of the sun and sits perfectly as a bedazzling beauty in any contemporary styled home. Winter Solstice has a body finished in Polished Nickel whose charm is enhanced by clear crystal accents.

•  Glimrende – Simple yet stunning is a description that is appropriate for products such as the Glimrende chandelier. This light fixture is composed of four arc-shaped metallic frames held together in a barrel-like fashion. Inside this frame are placed eight light sources, split as four lights each, across two tiers. The body of Glimrende is finished in Polished Nickel while the lampshades are made from Etched Opal Glass.

The Minka Lavery range of chandeliers is truly a stylish addition in any home. The light fixtures are capable of transforming the look and feel of dwelling spaces so as to remind one of ‘dream abodes’.

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