Make Your Bathroom More Spacious with Bathroom Vanity Cabinets


Vanities are must have items in any bath and powder room. Available in varied shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, these articles function as great space savers. When chosen in a manner that complies with the rest of the interior décor, these articles also play a key role in improving the appearance of the bathrooms.

Bathroom vanities are available in mass made and custom made options, though the latter is more preferred as it can be built to suit your specific needs and requirements. They free up space inside bath and powder rooms by their design or by their mounting style. We take a look at the different options available.

Make Your Bathroom More Spacious with Bathroom Vanity CabinetsVanity designs

Unique bathroom vanities are generally available in three variants depending on their style and design: classic, open, and upright vanities. Each of these designs is useful in a different kind of bathroom.

•  Classic vanities – these bathroom vanity cabinets include large, rectangular articles of furniture with storage space in multiple formats. These maybe fully closed with drawers and hinged or sliding doors covering a larger storage area. They may also be partly open with a rack or two that remains exposed and provides easy access to items of daily use. Made typically from wood, classic vanities are characterized by metal handles and accents that complement the wooden body. They are also the largest among the three and hence are suited for master bathrooms or ones which need a large storage space.

•  Open vanities – this type of cabinets are smaller in size, and are perfect for users who finding the search for everyday items, every morning, a herculean task. These vanities provide sufficient storage space but lack covered doors and drawers. The storage area is characterized by neatly divided racks and perfectly spaced shelves. Such vanities are most appropriate when you have fewer items to store and need quick access to them in the mornings. Open vanities are also suited for use in guest bathroom which have smaller space and store lesser bathing supplies.

•  Upright vanities – for bathrooms that have space limitations, upright vanities are the perfect solution. Unlike classic vanities which make use of horizontal space to provide storage, upright ones, as the name suggests, utilize vertical space. These cabinets are characterized by their tall and thin designs and are perfect additions to tight spaces. Building up storage area in narrow spaces and corners can easily be done with this variety of cabinets that also look neat and elegant. Upright vanities when made in shorter heights also double up as seating spaces in bathrooms that lets you unwind and relax.

Mounting styles

There are different kinds of vanities depending on the mounting style: free-standing, wall-mounting, and corner vanities.

•  Free standing – also called standard vanities, these are the most popular and resemble a chest or a cupboard and have legs that allow the cabinet to be placed firmly on the floor. This variety offers the maximum storage space and also the maximum stability and sturdiness.

•  Wall-mounting – these vanities, unlike standard ones, lack legs and are most useful when you need to free up floor space. They are designed to suit contemporary interiors and render a compact look and feel. Hence, they are apt for use in modern bathrooms.

•  Corner mounting – bathrooms with limited area need tight fitting vanities that consume minimum space. Corner mounting cabinets are a boon in this regard. They have a ninety degree angle at the backside and can be fitted snugly into the corners of the bathroom to save space.

The choice of a bathroom vanity ( is governed by many factors, among which space and storage needs play a crucial role. Just as you pay attention to aesthetics, it is important to take care of the special requirements that need to be met. It is in this regard that a basic knowledge of vanity designs and features helps you choose the best piece for your bathroom.

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