Interior Design – A Key to the Perfect Home


Your home is a little piece of the world that is all your own, and you want it to feel like a place that you belong, that can calm and relax you after a long day’s work, or that you can show off to your friends and feel a sense of pride for. Whether you want to take on the work of updating your home yourself with the latest interior design trends from magazines or the internet, or go with a professional that specializes in interior design in Los Angeles, you’ll want a space that is personalized to you and makes you feel most comfortable. But interior design is more than just the look and feel of a living space, its also functionality; you don’t want to live in a beautiful place that lacks day-to-day functionality.

Planning is Key

When it comes to interior design in Los Angeles, planning is key. If you go with a professional, or just hire them for a few hours of consultation, you’ll find out that planning is the most important phase in interior design. You need to know what is going to happen before you can make it happen. Are you planning on just replacing furniture and repainting? Then you’ll want to plan ahead, look at furniture that you would be interested in buying and see what colors and patterns they come in, then you can use that planning to look at paint colors that will complement them to create a harmonious atmosphere for the room. Maybe you are planning on doing more than one room, then you can plan towards how they flow into each other so that there isn’t a shocking transition between styles when moving from one room to the next. Planning ahead also helps avoid one of the biggest mistakes people make, buying furniture that just doesn’t physically fit. Costs can add up, particularly in delivery when you have to return and buy a smaller piece of furniture because the first one didn’t fit. What if you want to renovate further and make structural changes? You’ll need a whole lot of planning for that, as now you will be in the realm of talking with architects, contractors, builders, utilities, city permit administrators, etc. Which, by that point you may want to enlist the help of a professional interior designer as the cost of hiring one may offset the headache of trying to handling the work of communicating, planning with, and scheduling so many different people.

Size Matters

When doing interior design size of objects in rooms are a very important aspect to the aesthetics. You don’t want to walk into a room and see a dozen wall hangings all of the same size laid out uniformly, that just isn’t natural. A good example of the use of sizing would be to find a single piece of  large wall art that catches your eye and make it the focal point of a room, placing it above a fireplace, or lounge. With a large piece to pull the eye, you don’t need a cluttering of small things for points of interest, instead you can now have lots of open space. The same thing can be said with furniture, for a living room it will feel more comfortable with one large couch and a small chair or two, then having half a dozen small chairs. Consulting a professional interior designer can help you learn how to create the right aesthetic for a room to make it feel comfortable.

Technology That Pleases the Eye

We live in a modern world so technology is everywhere and can’t be avoided easily, but luckily designers of tech have answered the call much to the happiness of interior design in Los Angeles. Nowadays there are many ways to integrate technology into your home when you are doing renovations and updating your home. If you need to do some wiring for your tech items, there are many places where you can buy colored cables to help blend them into the background, or buy covers to completely conceal them. Televisions are so thin and light these days they can hang on the wall and become a modern focal point. You can also integrate wireless LED lights into your design that you can control with your phone to change their intensity or their color to set the perfect mood.

Interior Design

Interior design in Los Angeles is the key to create the perfect home for you to enjoy. Whether you are a DIYer or decide to use a professional interior designer you can create a living space that you will enjoy for years and will be the envy of all those that visit.

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