How to Pick the Good Looking Mailboxes for Your Home?


A poor looking mailbox can easily spoil the looks of your home. More importantly, the mailbox is something that you can’t hide. It is either mounted at outside wall of home or the driveways. Anyways, it will be welcoming visitors with its attention-grabbing capabilities. Therefore, picking good locking mailbox and beautiful metal mailbox post is quite necessary.

The way your mailbox looks can make or break the impression of your home. Moreover, nobody wants rusty and poor looking mailbox to welcome his or her guests with its nasty looks.

So, we have listed below a few tips to pick the good-looking mailbox for your home. Let’s have a look.


This is the first thing you need to figure out. First, decide where you want to install the mailbox. It can be installed on the outside wall of home, front porch, or at the driveways. Depending on that choose the design of mailbox.

Wall mounted mailbox is used for attaching the mailbox to the outside wall of the home. This type of mailbox is more popular in urban settings. On the other hand, post mounted mailbox is installed at the driveways. In this type, a mailbox is mounted on the wood mailbox post. This type is more common in the rural neighborhood.


Various types of the mailbox are available in the market. Mailbox can be made using steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, copper or plastic.

Metal mailboxes are the most commonly used because they are strong, durable, water resistant, and last for years. Also, metal mailbox and metal mailbox post can be painted to any desired color to match the theme of home.

Wood mailbox post and mailbox are the perfect addition to any home. It adds natural elegance to home and complements the looks of home. However, wooden mailbox requires little maintenance to keep it in good shape and maintaining its luster.

Vinyl mailbox is a great alternative to wood and metal mailbox. These mailboxes are almost maintenance free, durable, strong and have a long lifespan. These can be painted to any desired color to match the color of the home.


Choose the color of the mailbox based on the theme of your home. Black mailboxes are the most popular one. If you are bored of black and want to add something more attractive, copper is a great choice. It looks elegant and adds curb appeal to your home. Above all follow the simple rule, choose a color that speaks to you.


First, find what features you need. Do you need rear access? Do you need a newspaper holder? What locking mechanism you need? These are the few things you need to find out. If you have opted for post mounted mailbox, you need rear access to the mailbox so that you can retrieve posts without being vulnerable to traffic. You can also install newspaper holder to wood mailbox post. It avoids overflowing mailboxes and squished envelopes.


Different types of mailbox include roadside mailbox, apartment mailbox, collection box, cluster box, and pedestal mounted mailbox. Which type of mailbox will suit best, depends on your specific needs. All of these types can be secured with the lock. Also, in some areas, U.S postal service workers are not allowed to leave their vehicle. Roadside mailbox mounted on metal mailbox post works best in that scenario. Postal workers can drop the mail easily without leaving the vehicle. On the other hand, if you are living in an apartment, apartment box mounted on the outside wall fits best. So, choose the type of mailbox as per your specific needs.

These are the five key tips to pick the good-looking mailbox for your home.

The Takeaway

Mailbox has the potential to enhance or spoil looks of your home. Therefore, it is important that you should choose a good-looking mailbox and add an element of elegance to your home.

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