Horse Barns- Build a Comfortable Home for Your Horses


Yes, we are talking about horse barns in Stafford. A horse barn is a place where your horses can live comfortably, as you do in your home. It provides protection to your livestock against rain, snow, and external climatic conditions. If you are planning to take your horse home, the first thing you need is a horse barn to accommodate your horse.

But what style of horse barn you should choose and how to build a horse barn? These are the few questions that come into everyone mind when he or she decides to build a new barn. So, let’s find the answer to these.

Styles of Horse Barn

Gambrel Barns

The most common used barn for storing livestock is gamble barn. This type of barn includes a roof with double slop on each side of the roof. The slope of the roof is quite steep and provides a lot of headspaces. You can easily build attic in the barn without compromising with the headspace. Hence, this type of horse barn is ideal if you are planning to accommodate more horses in the future. Horses requiring stall rest can easily be accommodated in the gambrel barn.

Gable Barns

This style of horse barns in Stafford is quite famous for its appearance. It just looks classic. Gable barns have a single slope on each side of the roof. Each side of the roof meets at the middle of the unit. An attractive ridge at the top makes the barn look good. However, due to the gentle slope of the roof headspace is lesser than the gambrel barn. But still, it is enough for the livestock. This type of shed is perfect for grooming, saddling, and training of the horse.

Shed row barns

Shed row barn is a single row of stalls that contains multiple units of stalls. It is a type of modular barn that can be built on the site or prefabricated. Homeowners in Stafford love this type of horse barn because it is an economical alternative to other types of horse barns in Stafford. The roof of the shed row barn either is pitched or flat. This type of shed is a great choice for hot climates. It is designed to maximize the airflow and provide better ventilation.

Run-in Sheds

As the name suggests, this type of shed is used when you have to run-in your horses into the shed immediately. It is the temporary shelter of the horses. It is a three-sided shed with an open front. This type of shed can be constructed easily without investing a lot. Run-in sheds work great for trained horses. You can accommodate them, but these sheds do not provide complete protection against weather.

Monitor Barns

These are large in size, and very few homeowners choose it but provide a lot of space to keep horses. In this type of construction, the center of the roof is raised from the main roof hence; it is also known as raised center aisle barn. This raised roof contains a window on each side of the roof which provides better ventilation and allows natural light to the barn. You can easily work around with your horse on aisle ways.

These are the five most popular styles of horse barns in Stafford.

How to Build Horse Barns?

The first idea that comes into mind is, do-it-yourself. Well, it is not as easy as it seems. You might be able to build a simple stall, but most of the styles of horse barns are difficult to construct and require a certain level of skill. Also, electrical work, plumbing work, and installing doors are out of reach of even good DIYer. Therefore, the best way to construct horse barns in Stafford is, hire a builder in Stafford. It will save your time, hard-earned money, labor and get the job done right in the first time.

So, are you ready for building a comfortable home for your horses? Get it done.

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