Hardwood Flooring – Reasons to Select This Flooring Option


Solid hardwood is a dependable choice when it comes to flooring selection. Even with a number of flooring options now available; the popularity of hardwood is ever-increasing and rightly so. There are many good reasons to select hardwood flooring.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install hardwood flooring compared with other options. If you choose a flooring company with sufficient experience and reputation for excellence, you can rest assured that the installation work will be quick and yet flawless.

You can find reputable companies in your area by using the right keyword for online searches. For instance, use hardwood flooring Scottsdale AZ if this is your location. Such keywords will yield websites of flooring companies in your area.

Check the websites of companies, client testimonials, and online reviews to assess the quality of their work. Choose a company with good experience in installing hardwood flooring.

Elegant and Classic

The beauty of hardwood is difficult to copy. There is a certain sense of warmth that exudes from hardwood. It also never goes out of style. The choice of hardwood flooring won’t look dated ever. The classic look of hardwood is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.

The grain and design of natural wood is unique. These characteristics add a distinct touch to the flooring and the overall décor of a space.

Low Maintenance

Hardwood flooring doesn’t require any special maintenance. You can use the standard cleaning routines with mop and vacuum to keep your hardwood floor neat. Unlike carpeting, there is no place for dust and dirt to accumulate on hardwood floors. So, the cleaning of such flooring is also not a tedious task. You don’t even need to use wax to keep the floor shiny.

Hardwood flooring is also resistant to stains due to the use of protective finishes. The finishes seal the surface of the floor and make it difficult for the wood to absorb the stains.

It is also not always necessary to replace hardwood flooring due to scratches or any sort of damages. A good flooring company can sand and refinish the hardwood and make it good as new again.


Hardwood flooring is safer when compared with other types of flooring. It will not collect dirt and hence keep the indoor air clean. Dirt and dust in carpeting can cause respiratory problems and allergies.

Depending on the finish and quality, hardwood flooring can be really safe to use if you have kids and pets in the house. Stone flooring is slippery. Even carpeting can entangle and cause accidents. There are no such risks with hardwood flooring.


Depending on the use and the finish, hardwood flooring can last for years down the line. The durability of the flooring will, however, depend on its quality, finish, and installation. Modern hardwood flooring even comes with fade and stain-resistant finishes.

The flooring will still be durable even if you opt for hardwood without such modern finishes. If you opt for refinishing of the hardwood flooring every few years (or as needed) then it may never require replacement.

Good quality hardwood flooring is kiln-dried and made with certain manufacturing standards in mind. Such floors are hard-wearing and tough; making them ideal to use with kids and pets.


The sheer variety of hardwood flooring is enough to excite homeowners. You can choose from a variety of woods, stains, colors, and finishes. You can opt for unfinished flooring to lend your home a very unique touch. You can select matte or glossy finishes.

You can even opt for custom accents such as borders, inlays, and medallions to further enhance hardwood floors.


Hardwood is environment-friendly compared with other flooring options. It is obtained from a renewable source. Due care is taken to ensure that the net growth of hardwood is never less than its removal rate in any given year. It doesn’t require much energy or water to produce hardwood.

There is also not much pollution involved in the processing of the material. In comparison, stone mining is not environment-friendly.

Wood can also be recycled after years of use (in case you decide to use another finish). So, hardwood is a sustainable flooring option.

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