Five Things That Make Casablanca Ceiling Fans the Best


When interior design is considered, every element has its own contribution to make and its own story to tell. Though ceiling fans are not one of the fanciest interior decor items, they sure can light up a place and pull it together. Many interior designers use it as a centerpiece in drawing rooms and living rooms, and explore the full potential of these fixtures. While a few fans are just designed to blow wind, few are designed to include lighting fixtures as well. To put it simply, a ceiling fan is one of those equipment that are both functional and beautiful at the same time. However, only few ceiling manufacturers can achieve this rare feat of blending engineering with design and create masterpieces. Casablanca Ceiling Fans is one of those very few, revered ceiling fan manufacturers and here’s everything you need to know about the company.

Five Things That Make Casablanca the Best

1. Design

Certainly design has to be the first element on the list because Casablanca Ceiling Fans are known for their ingenious designs. Customers and interior designers alike see these fans as great interior decor items owing to their exemplary design language. With every interior design movement, Casablanca as a company has evolved with time, resonated with the trend and marked itself as the trend setter in the ceiling fan industry. The designers and engineers of the company always try to stay relevant in their design language and treat fans like beautiful and functional art forms.

2.  Functionality

A ceiling fan is of no worth to a customer if it just serves as an interior decor item. Functionality and engineering is as important as design, and engineers at Casablanca Ceiling Fans are pretty serious about the functionality and efficiency of their fans. Some of the quietest motors in the industry are used in these fans to keep them functional yet subtle. Adding to the synergy of design and engineering, the fan blades are designed such that they deliver maximum airflow at given speed and wind conditions. Simply put, design and efficiency are always given the topmost priority at Casablanca.

Five Things That Make Casablanca Ceiling Fans the Best3. Elegance

With enough design and detailing, any product can look beautiful and grand, be it jewelry or ceiling fans. As told before, designers and artists at Casablanca Ceiling Fans treat fans as art forms and stress highly on the elegance of these wind blowing machines. The company employs a number of skilled craftsmen and artists who work on fine finishing and detailing. In fact, it is the detailing and the grandeur of these fans that make them a popular choice for interior design.

4. Energy Efficiency

Almost all electrical products are manufactured to be energy efficient these days and Casablanca Ceiling Fans indeed considers energy efficiency as a priority. All the ceiling fans manufactured under the brand have an Energy Star rating on them, certified for energy efficiency. These fans consume the lowest of power and give the maximum output, thus reducing the amount of electricity consumed and offering the highest efficiency.

5. Customization

Given that the prime focus of Casablanca Ceiling Fans is design, the company indeed receives a lot of custom orders for both residential and commercial purposes. The company has enough skilled craftsmen, engineers and designers to deliver all kinds of custom orders within no time. In addition to taking custom orders, the company also gives inputs on various orders and works hand in hand with the customer to realize better looking ceiling fans (

Thus design, engineering, elegance, energy efficiency and customization are the 5 things that make Casablanca Ceiling Fans one of the best in the industry. Read on to know a brief history of the company, its founder and the company’s glorious journey over the years.

History of Casablanca

The company began its humble operations in 1974 and was founded by Burton A. Burton. Starting with a simple belt driven ceiling fan, the company has come a long way. From setting benchmarks in the industry in terms of design to engineering ceiling fans for maximum efficiency, the company’s foundations lie in beauty and quality. Quality and customer satisfaction is always given the utmost importance at Casablanca Ceiling Fans and to ensure the same, stringent testing is performed on each product before releasing it to the market.

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