Five Reasons that Duct Cleaning is Essential

Commercial buildings hold hundreds or even thousands of workers each and every day. These workers depend on the landlord and management company to ensure their health and safety while they are working. Most companies have health and safety committees and even regulations that work with the management company; however, there are some things that are better left in the hands of the management company, such as duct cleaning commercial.

Increase health of workers

Having your commercial ducts cleaned can increase the health of the workers in the building. Toxins and other particles can float through the air and then be breathed in by workers, causing irritation in the lungs and even illness. During cold and flu season, and even more noticeable during COVID 19, viruses can be circulated through the building, infecting other workers and contaminating equipment. This leads to major health concerns. Not to mention, if you are trying to run a business and your duct system is putting you and your employees at risk of contamination, then your bottom line is at risk. Too many Covid-19 cases in one location can require a shut-down of that location while it is being decontaminated, and the more employees you have out sick, the more your productivity diminishes (not to mention, the added stress to your other employees with interfere with their ability to remain productive as well). Commercial duct cleaning can help remove these particles and provide cleaner air to breath, and a safer, more productive work environment.duct cleaning commercial

Health prevention

The health of employees is always a high priority for most companies. Increased health is important, but there is an additional health reason for commercial air duct cleaning. This is prevention of major health concerns. When air ducts are not maintained properly, there is a risk of a buildup of harmful toxins. Mold can begin to build as toxins settle in dark and damp places in a commercial building. This can be hard to detect until it becomes a health hazard. Clean air ducts can reduce the risk by limiting these particles from settling around the building and by preventing the buildup of mold and other toxins.

Increase productivity

Commercial duct cleaning can increase productivity in a few ways. The first is that, with clean air, there is more pure oxygen that is pumping through the building. Breathing cleaner air is easier on the lungs, giving a person more energy that can be focused into the productivity of the company. The second way that commercial duct cleaning can increase productivity is through the cleanliness of the building. When a building is clean, there is a sense of pride with the employees. This pride can result in harder work and productivity to maintain a positive reflection of the company, as well as an increase in morale. An additional way that clean air ducts can increase productivity is that, with employees breathing clean air that is free of harmful toxins and bacteria, they will be sick less often and will have to take fewer sick days. This can increase the productivity of a company.

Protect equipment

Dust particles floating through the air can interfere with equipment and electronics. When dust and other particles land on electronic equipment, it can begin to build up in small crevasses, such as keyboards and computers. When there is a buildup, it can damage your equipment or cause it to wear out quicker than expected. Commercial air duct cleaning can remove these particles before this occurs, increasing the life of your electronics.

Reduce operating costs

Every company works with a bottom line, trying to increase productivity while reducing costs. Commercial air duct cleaning is one way to reduce some cost. By maintaining your air ducts, you can reduce power consumption from appliances, such as furnaces and air conditioners. When there is a buildup of air particles that settles in furnaces or other appliances, they need to work harder. Clean air ducts mean that they will run more efficiently and will cost less to maintain and operate.

Commercial duct cleaning will help care for your employees, both now and in the future, and it will increase their productivity, too. It will help reduce energy costs and increase the longevity of equipment and appliances, and it will help your company run more efficiently.

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