Five Reasons to Buy Casablanca Ceiling Fans


There are only few ceiling fan manufacturers who can think beyond just building air-propelling fans and make their ceiling fans desirable. Ceiling fans are one of the top favorites of interior decorators who use them as interior décor items and make them an integral part of the interior design of office spaces and residences. However, only few fan manufacturers can match up to the designers’ expectations and manufacture not just fans but sheer beauties of engineering. Casablanca ceiling fans is one of those ceiling fan manufacturers who have continually innovated for more than 4 decades to manufacture the trendiest ceiling fans with precision engineering behind their functionality. Casablanca quickly grew to be one of the most commonly used ceiling fan brands in the nation owing to many reasons, which we will briefly discuss in this article. Here’s everything you need to know about Casablanca’s inception and its growth story.

Five Reasons to Buy Casablanca Ceiling FansHistory

Casablanca Ceiling Fans was started in 1974 with its first flagship product, the ‘Belt Driven Ceiling Fans’ by Burton A. Burton. Started as any other fan manufacturing company, Casablanca didn’t remain to be just another fan manufacturer for too long, as it started innovating and focused on giving only the best to its customers. We all know interior design trends outdate themselves every decade or so and Casablanca didn’t fall behind in catching up with these trends and thinking as more than just a fan company. Casablanca stood as a unique contender among its competitors with its unique designs that grabbed everyone’s attention in no time. The company not only focused on manufacturing beautiful ceiling fans but also functional ones that were manufactured with the highest grade equipment and motors. There are a lot more reasons other than design that made Casablanca ceiling fans what it is today, the most commonly used ceiling fans in the nation. Here’s the list.

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient ceiling fans with an Energy Star rating are always preferred over regular ceiling fans, especially in commercial spaces such as offices and industries. All the ceiling fans manufactured under Casablanca have an Energy Star rating to be energy efficient and cost saving. The use of avant-garde technology in the fans is focused on consumption of less power and maximum output. Be it homes or office spaces, these ceiling fans are worth the investment given their build quality, durability and energy efficient features.

2. Customization

Casablanca ceiling fans is a customer oriented company that caters to the growing demand of ceiling fans and an increased need for customized ceiling fans ( Industries and offices spaces that require fans in bulk need customized fans to match their existing office setups and residences with beautiful interiors too prefer customization. As told before, interior designers see fans as an integral part of the design plan and Casablanca offers the best customization services and brings out fans that exceed customer expectations.

3. Superior Functionality

Apart from unique designs and customized features, Casablanca ceiling fans also focusses on the build quality of these fans and ensure only the best come out of the manufacturing unit. Electric motors of the highest quality are used in each fan manufactured and it is also made sure that these motors are some of quietest motors used in the industry. Hence, fans from Casablanca are durable, reliable and also very sophisticated when it comes to build quality. In addition, the fan blades are designed after an in-depth research on the air-flow and ergonomics of the wings.

4. Elegance

Casablanca ceiling fans has one of the most talented team of engineers and artisans who work hand in hand to produce one of the most sophisticated and elegant ceiling fans in the industry. Heavy emphasis is given on detailing and it is ensured that every model is unique in its own way. Hence it won’t come as a surprise that ceiling fans from Casablanca are some of the most beautiful looking fans in the industry.

5. User Friendly

Firstly, ceiling fans from Casablanca are very efficient and need little or no maintenance at all. The manufacturer equips the fans with lifetime lubricated precision balls that ensure hassle free performance and zero maintenance. Also, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all the fans manufactured under its name, along with the highest degree of repair and replacement support.

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