Five Question to Ask When Hiring Pest Control Services


Where there is a house, there are pests of different sizes and forms. Interestingly, when it comes to problems posed by them, size does not matter. They are not just limited to insects like ants, beetles, and termites, but rodents and reptiles also belong to this big family. There is no doubt that pests can cause a lot of damage to your property, including valuable things. But they are also the carriers of various diseases, even pandemics.

Pests are not meant for home, so getting rid of them is the only solution. If they stay for long or do not go away with the preventive DIY measures, you may soon start to feel stressed. Upon finding yourself in such a situation, you have no other choice than to reach out to an expert pest control company.

However, not all services are reliable and stay true to their claims. Even though it is not a big deal to find a pest control Toronto professional these days with Internet accessibility, there are a few factors you must be mindful of before making a choice. This blog will provide you with a set of questions that you should ask when deciding to take the services of a pest control service provider. Let us get started.

How Much Experience Do You Have In The Pest Control Business?

The first question to ask a pest control service should be their experience with handling pest control. Though you consider hiring a newer company, an established company will ensure that your home gets free from these uninvited guests without adding to your budget. Ask about the exterminators’ knowledge of the climate, pests, and treatment methods, as well as their ability to provide long-term solutions. What is more, they will not ditch their customers after the service.

Are The Staff Licensed, Insured, And Bonded?

Ensure that the pest control Toronto provider and its staff have obtained the license to operate in the jurisdiction. Pest control can turn hazardous if precautions are not taken, so you should see their certification to check if they are bonded or covered with insurance. Licensing of the business requires exterminators to comply with the chemical application safety and cleaning protocols.

Do You Guarantee Your Pest Control Services?

The eradication of pests from the house is one part of the service, and you should not forget to confirm the guarantee or warranty. Many factors, including climate and environment, may require multiple treatment sessions. As a result, read the pest control service’s contract carefully and see whether there is a service assurance clause if the pests return. A quality exterminator will also offer guidance on preventative measures for pest control.

Do You Offer Quotes In Written?

Quotes are estimates that give you an idea about how much the pest control will cost. A company with a good reputation will always give you written quotes upfront during the inspection of your house. But some keep it to verbal communication and put you in a position where you will be paying for additional or hidden costs. When the pest control service comes to your house, be sure to inquire about the treatment options and chemicals they use.

Is Your Pest Control Chemicals Safe For Pets?

Since pests cover a wide range of insects and animals and extermination chemicals can be toxic, you should confirm it is safe for your pets. Ideally, a company will clearly state the safety of its treatment options. With that said, you should tell the company that you own pets and that you need assurance for their safety.

A pest control Toronto service with years of experience in pest extermination and a team of trained professionals should be your first or last resort, depending on the severity of the situation. And by asking these questions, you can save your property from pests.

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