Enhance your Bar with a Custom Bar Top


Bars at home serve the purpose of unwinding after a long work week, spending time and having fun with friends and family. This dedicated space may also be where you catch up on your favourite sporting events, or other entertaining programs with your family. It is a great place to catch with your folks and enjoy each other’s company. A bar maybe placed in any part of the home – the living room, next to the kitchen, in the patio, and so on. Just as a countertop is an essential place for your preparatory work in the kitchen, a bar top is where you make your drinks and serve them. A great way to enhance this space is by opting for a custom built piece.

Why custom bar tops

There are many reasons why a custom bar top is better than a ready to fit piece. It helps you build  a worktop that is suited to your needs. The measurement fits right into the space that is available over the cabinets, and around the area where the bar is located. Customization also lets you pick a product that matches your tastes. The style, material, edges, profiles, and many other details can be crafted according to your likes and dislikes. You can choose reclaimed wood if you want build a bar that is rustic themed. Oak lumber is ideal for bars that are located outdoors. Reclaimed chestnut works well for bars with small tops, or those that are in the kitchen. Worktops made from pine work best in homes with a traditional or antique. In addition to wood, bar tops can be fitted with metals like zinc, copper, or even brass. Their ever changing patina brings a unique attraction to your place for relaxation. You can opt for different profiles from simple rectangles to those with ornate or layered edges, which add beauty to your bar top. You can pick different colors, and apply unique finishes to your liking, or to suit the interior design and decor theme.

How to make a custom bar top

Unless you are someone who is well versed with building bars, cabinet, and worktops, it is best to take the help of an interior designer and a countertop vendor to get your bar top made. They help you explore different options and give you a solution that is tailor made to your needs. The customization process begins when you submit a rough sketch or pick an image of the bar top that you want fitted. Next you need to share the measurements. Some vendors also offer on site visits, where a qualified person or a designer evaluates your bar to give you suggestions on what works in the space. The next step is to select the profile as well as materials that go into the making of the bar top. You could choose wood, marble, sandstone, or metal. You also need to select the color and finish of your custom bar tops. Once through, the vendor submits a prototype, which maybe a downsized version of the actual top, or a 3D rendering. The latter helps you evaluate the complete picture, and make changes if necessary. Once you approve the design, the vendor begins the manufacturing process. Some of them also insist on an initial payment towards confirmation of order.  Once the product is built fully, the vendor ships it to your location, and also sometimes offers an on-site installation service.

Thing to keep in mind

You need to bear a few things in mind when ordering a customized bar top (http://www.ehow.com/list_7563938_ideas-bar-tops.html). Firstly, you need to specify a budget that you are willing to spend on the project. Understand that custom built pieces maybe more expensive than ready to fit designs owing to various reasons like manpower charges, unique materials, designs, and so on. The shape, color, and finish of the counter you choose needs to be not only functional but also compliant to the rest of the interior design scheme. The profile needs to take into consideration the seating arrangements, if any. Rounded edges work better than square ones when you have bar stools set up all around.

A custom built bar top is the perfect solution to all your bar-related needs. A well designed piece can actually elevate the look and feel of this space for booze, fun and entertainment.

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