Easy Garage Door Repair Tips to Help You Save Money


As you are approaching towards your home with lots of household items, you wanted to raise the garage door and press the button. However, there is no movement of the door and repeat it for few times again. Angry at that moment and you decide to take help from a professional for garage door repair in Edmonton. However, take a deep breath, and with a few simple tweaks, one can solve it without somebody’s help.

• Check if the batteries are in working condition. The remote garage door opener is operated with batteries, so chances are there that the lifespan of the batteries are exhausted. Replace with new batteries and try again.

• Most of the latest garage doors have eye sensors, and if they found any obstacle, the door does not close completely. The sensor is a tiny laser beam placed four to six inches off the ground inside the garage. If the sensor is not working properly, then it can hinder the proper movement of the garage door. No need to panic; check that the lens is not dusty and if there is dust, clean gently with a cotton ball. Next step is to check the chord that is attached to the sensor is not damaged. Sometimes, water leak or rainstorm also cause damage to the photo eye, so check the sensor is pointed in a horizontal direction across the door span. This is one of the easiest ways for garage door repair in Edmonton.

• The garage door runs on electric current, and if your home has, no power due to a power cut or storm, then the door will not operate if there is no backup of the battery. If there is power at home, check the door opener is connected in a working outlet. Do not forget to check the fuse or circuit breaker so that there is a flow of current.

• The doors of the overhead garage which roll up in parts or swing up fully works on spring tension. The door slides on the metal tracks present on the garage walls and power is provided to the door through a heavy spring. At times when the door does not open it is simple to repair. Look for the metal tracks available inside the garage. Now find the mounting brackets that grab the tracks to the walls. If the brackets are loose, tighten the screws. Now enter the garage and close the door. Check carefully the tracks for flat spots, crimps, or dents. If there is any damage, then hit the area with a rubber mallet or with a scrap wood. If there is heavy damage to the tracks replace with a new one.

• For garage door repair in Edmonton, take a level and check whether the tracks are properly aligned. The tracks placed horizontally should be slightly slanted towards the back of the garage, and with roll-up doors, the tracks placed vertically should be plumb. Both vertical and horizontal tracks are placed at the same height on the walls of the garage. If there is non-alignment of the tracks, loosen the bolts or screws holding the brackets but do not remove fully the screws and then place the tracks into its original position. Finally, tighten the bolts or screws.

• The tracks should be cleaned with concentrated household cleaner for removing the dust. The rollers should be thoroughly cleaned and wipe the rollers and tracks with dry clothes.

• Check the plates on swing-up doors where the spring is placed and tighten the loose screws. Also, check the hinges on the roll-up doors that hold the door’s section together and tighten the loose screws. If there is any damage in the hinges replace with a new one. Hinges hanging towards one side of the door can be straightened by servicing. If the screw hole becomes large then replaces with a longer screw of the same diameter and dips the new screw in carpenter’s glue and use a hollow fiber plug so that the screw is set at the hinges. If there is crack in the wood at hinges, remove the hinge, take wood filler, and fill in the screw holes and in the cracks.

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