Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Cleaning


Grease Trap – What is It?

As the name itself suggests, this is a method meant for fencing in the grease and similar oil contents that flow from the kitchen or wash basins. If these things run into the main sewage line, clogging is bound to occur very soon. Hence, grease traps are highly significant in restaurants and residences. This is a special mechanism, which is connected to the sink and washbasins, and fixed underneath. However, just by installing a grease trap and leaving it like that without proper cleaning will not work and give you any positive result. One will have to do the cleaning process frequently to keep the functional capacity of the trap undamaged. For this, one must take the assistance of a certified company that performs grease trap cleaning in a professional manner. It’s easy to find such a company. By a short Google search, you will get a lot of web addresses.

Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Cleaning


• You must make an arrangement to check the trap frequently. This is to make sure that the installation is perfect. If you have a flawless installation, you can find high quantities of oils, grease, etc., inside the trap. Of course, this depends on the works carried out in the kitchen. Pragmatically, there will be heavy activities in the commercial kitchens, and hence there should be a good quality of fats and oils in the trap. This testing is one of the prime things that you will have to do to make sure the functionality of the trap. If you find that something is wrong, get the rectification immediately.

• One must make it a point to scrap the residues of fats or greases, before washing. This will prevent the movement of such things to the drain.

• Never use any chemicals for the cleaning purpose. When chemicals are used, then that will kill the natural bacteria, which is essential for breaking the fats and the oil contents. This will slow down the process of decaying and will cause a block in the drain. The consequent smell that rises from the sink and washbasins will be terrible to bear.

• At any rate, frequent grease trap cleaning is imperative, and for this, you must get the professional help from experienced companies. For selecting a specialist company, you must read the website details. If you find that the company has the practical experience that stretches to decades, you can surely consider that particular company as a reliable one.


• Don’t allow the leftovers go into the drain. Make sure that the cleaning process is perfectly done. Leftovers must be completely removed before placing the dishes into the sink or the dishwasher.

• You must avoid washing the plates and pots before proper scraping. Make it a point to scrap off the fat or grease residues before you start to wash.

• You must not select amateur or greenhorn companies for the grease trap cleaning job. They won’t be well-equipped and will lack the desired practical knowledge and experience that will make the task perfectly. Hence, their work will be just substandard, and you will have to do the task again, which means a financial loss for you.

In brief, frequent grease trap cleaning makes the septic system up to the mark at all times. This is vital for both residences, as well as commercial establishments like the restaurants. When one does this task in an inappropriate manner, then that will surely lead to unsolicited situations like terrible rotten smell within the kitchen and the surrounding areas. As far as residences are concerned, the place becomes unfit for human habitation to some extent, because of the dreadful smell that crops up and the resultant bacterial growth. Restaurants will have to bear yet another serious effect. Because of the awful situation, the shop will have to be closed for making proper rectification. This means a financial loss to the company. Besides, when customers spot out such a nasty situation, they will have a temptation not to visit the place again.

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