How to Buy Residential Lighting in Lighting Stores?


Without light it is pretty difficult to imagine our lives and the same way, without lighting fixtures it is very difficult to imagine a home. Though lighting fixtures seem as a customary requirement and nothing more, interior designers and creative homeowners beg to differ on this. Because they see lighting fixtures as an integral part of the interior design of a house and accentuate the beauty of its interiors with these lights. Not only the lights that these fixtures give out but also the shape, size, form and function of these fixtures must be considered when you buy residential lighting from lighting stores. If you are building your new home and looking for suggestions on the lighting requirements of your house, this article will help you in great ways. Right from the styles available to the different types of lighting fixtures, here’s everything you need to know about buying residential lighting in lighting stores.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider before heading to a lighting store is the style of lights you would want in your home. If you want the interior of your home to be an attention grabber and sophisticated one, you need to carefully plan the theme used in the room. From industrial to contemporary, modern to retro, tropical to minimalistic, there are many ways how you can theme the interior decor of your home. Only when you are sure about the theme, choose the style of residential lighting you would want to buy. This is because a contemporary light setting in a tropical themed house wouldn’t make any sense and ruin both the lighting and the interior design of the house. Contemporary, modern and rustic lights are the most popular styles of lighting fixtures available in lighting stores.

How to Buy Residential Lighting in Lighting Stores?


Lighting fixtures can be used as great art pieces to decorate the interiors of your home provided they are well-designed and detailed. In fact there are many lighting manufacturers who give special emphasis to craftsmanship of these fixtures and have special teams of artists and engineers who focus on visualizing masterpieces. Chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures can be used as centerpieces for living rooms and dining rooms. Pretty wall sconces can change the look and feel of a bathroom and a rustic onion lights could make you realize even outdoor lighting can be stylish and well-designed. Before heading to a lighting store, retail or online, make sure they feature well-designed and grand light fixtures from reputed lighting manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency

This factor depends on the type of the bulb used in the lighting fixtures. Energy efficient light bulbs are the new favorites of homeowners as they consume the least amount of energy, give maximum light and also cost very less. LEDs, which are the most popular type of light bulbs today, consume 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb does and glow for a ridiculous 50,000 hours! Apart from LEDs, florescent bulbs are also a very popular choice of energy efficient lighting options. Hence, before heading to lighting stores make sure the lighting store of your choice sells energy efficient light fixtures.

Essential Fixtures

There are a number of lighting fixtures a residence needs, the most important ones being the following mentioned- wall sconces for bathrooms, table lamps and floor lamps for living rooms and bedrooms, pendants for kitchens and dining rooms, hallway lights (, outdoor lights, ceiling fans, decorative lights… list out all the types of lighting fixtures your house would need. Once you make the list, ensure that the lighting store you choose is a one-stop destination for all these fixtures.

Prices and Guarantee

Lastly, while you are visiting lighting stores make sure to compare the prices of the same lighting fixtures in different stores and choose the ones that fall in your price range. Also ask for guarantee on these fixtures and learn everything about the repair and replacement policies. Always compare the prices and offers of two to three lighting stores and choose the best one.

To conclude, when you are buying lighting fixtures in lighting stores, give preference to the type of the fixtures you are buying, their number, their style or theme, energy efficiency and price of the fixtures.

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