Brighten Your House with Light Fittings from Tech Lighting


All interior decorators now swear to the fact that lighting is one of the most significant aspects of decor, at par with other crucial elements like flooring and wall color. Gone are the days when light fixtures were bought only for their functionality, now there are a multitude of factors that are involved while picking up light fitting for any room. You need to consider many aspects – type of fixture, visual appeal and power consumption – to ascertain the best fixture for your home.

Brighten Your House with Light Fittings from Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting is a company that is known for bringing in the very best in light fittings. The company is known all across the lighting world for its low-voltage light fixtures and beautiful contemporary fittings. Since their foundation, they have made innovation their primary ideal and this is the reason why today their catalogue comprises of fixtures that are a perfect example of most creative designing and world class cutting edge technology. All their light fittings offer both practical functionality as well as aesthetic enhancement. In addition to their focus on innovative designs, Tech Lighting also stresses on stringent quality checks and exceptional customer care and ensures that every light fixture that leaves their factory is fault free and of highest standards. This is the reason why Tech Lighting is today the market leader in low-voltage light fittings and holds a massive 60% control of the market!

Offering green lighting solutions, the extensive catalogue of Tech Lighting includes pendants, light heads, chandeliers, linear suspensions, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, wall mounts, bath collection, recessed light fittings, monorail, Kable Lite, Freejack, Exhibit Lights, Optical Controls and Lamps. With such a wide variety of fixtures available, deciding which fitting is suitable for which room, might be a bit challenging. Here are some tips that will help make your choice easier:

1.  Ideally, you should mount a chandelier and a few flush mounts in your living area for ambient lighting needs. You can also install recessed lights for mood lighting, modern lamps for task lighting and picture lights for accent lighting requirements. Tech Lighting offers a wide variety of these fixtures. Analyze your room décor and get fixtures that complement it well. Tech Lighting’s Staccato Ceiling Light for chandelier and Hudson wall sconce are best for the purpose.

2.  For your dining room, you should ensure that the illumination is bright enough to eat your food comfortably but should also feel warm and inviting. To achieve such illumination, you should mount a small chandelier over the dining table. The shape of this chandelier should match with the shape of the table. For instance, you should choose Rhapsody Ceiling light if you have a circular dining table and Mercer Suspension Light if you have a rectangular table. Install this light 30 inches above the table to avoid casting any shadows while eating.

3.  The aim of bedroom lighting is to offer complete rest after a tiring day at work. You should use a mix of various types of light fittings so that you can fulfill multiple tasks like reading, sleeping and dressing comfortably in the room. Wall sconces, wardrobe lights and lamps together can help you achieve such lighting scheme.

4.  Install wall mounts and cabinet lights in your bathroom for proper illumination. Tech Lighting offers an exclusive range of bath collection for your lighting, mirror and vanity needs. Some of their bestsellers in the bath collection include Amalia Bath, Gia Mirror Kit, Gia Vanity Kit, Revel Linear Wall and Tigris Mirror.

5.  You need good illumination for cooking food properly in the kitchen. Therefore, lighting plays a vital role in kitchen interiors. Mount pendants over the kitchen platform for your task lighting requirement. Unilume LED Light Bar on the counter and linear pendant fixture like Zhane Trio Suspension over the counter are perfect for the purpose.

6.  People often tend to ignore outdoor lighting, but it is also very important to give attention to exterior illumination to avoid accidents and make your home look welcoming. Use lantern style fixtures, post and pier mount to illuminate your landscape, driveways, garage and patio.

Whether it is bath and wall sconces or chandeliers and pendants (, Tech Lighting will surely have something interesting to offer from their catalogue. So, go ahead and pick a fixture of your choice and be assured that your light fitting will not only be stunning and durable, but will also help you save loads of money on your power bill.

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