The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair


Trenchless sewer repair is a modern technique of repairing an old sewer line efficiently. If your drainage line is very old and you notice that the flow of sewer is not smooth anymore, it may require a repair immediately. Before your drainage system collapses and you land up in a mess, it is advisable to do sewer repair in Los Angeles by professional plumbers using modern techniques to resolve such issues.

Sewer pipes made from clay or cast iron may get damaged due to erosion and accumulation of dirt around the joints and bottom of the pipe. Roots of trees around sewer pipeline also damage the pipeline extensively. Creation of a bottleneck in a pipe and increasing pressure of drainage may lead to bursting. Such incidents can badly affect the indoor and outdoor of your house.

Hence, it is important to identify the problem early and repair it fast. There are two ways of repairing sewer pipeline with the help of trenchless technology, viz. pipe relining and pipe bursting. Trenchless repairing of a sewer is processed without unearthing or digging a trench. In pipe bursting method, plumber bursts an older pipeline and replaces it with a new one. While in pipe relining, an epoxy relining material is used to form a smooth surface over the damaged inner wall of the pipe. Pipe relining facilitates a smooth flow of drainages and removes all clogs in drainage efficiently.

Trenchless technology is a revolution in plumbing where the work can be completed by digging two small trenches at the connecting points. Hydraulic machines with advanced camera, skilled plumbers, and modern equipment make this work possible. This modern technique is not only appreciated by civil experts but also by the people who avail these services.

Advantages aligned to trenchless sewer repair are really impressive. Preferring the trenchless repair over conventional method offers many benefits to the house owners. With two small holes, entire system can be replaced or repair. If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your old sewer line, you should know about the benefits that you can avail with this modern technique.

Faster Than Traditional Method:

The traditional method, where you have to dig a trench over the entire pipeline, can be very time consuming. It may take a week or two to dig the trench. Replacement or repairing of damaged pipeline will also take quite a longer time. You may spend a month to repair your sewer with the traditional method.

However, with the trenchless method, the same work can be completed within a day. In fact, it can be done in a few hours with the help of latest machinery. It is a smart work taking precedence over hard work and it allows faster completion. You don’t have to waste your time watching the proceedings of a job as professional plumbers are efficient enough to complete the work in time.

Inexpensive Repair:

The plumbers work on an hourly basis. If you choose a conventional method for your sewer repair, you may end up spending more money as compared to trenchless repairs. The hardship incurred during the work is an addition to this cost. If you lose some important assignment or looking to take a leave from your job, you are bound to concede heavy losses. In this regard, trenchless repair does not require much time and it can be finished in one day. You can hire a professional plumber and they will complete the job in time. Also, you needn’t look after or monitor the job as they are expert and offer the best repair services.

Keep Landscaping Intact:

Digging a hole over a sewer pipeline may lead to damage of your landscaping. Mostly, sewer pipelines are laid below the garden or backyard where you find ample greenery. Uprooting the soil and excavating an old piping system can ruin the entire beautification of your home. But with trenchless method, you can save this greenery. You don’t have to cut down plants and trees grown in your backyard. Thanks to the trenchless method, the job of repairing can be completed simply by digging two holes at both the ends.

Save Your Construction:

The trenchless method is highly beneficial for sewer work done over the concrete. Your expensive construction may be demolished if you are looking to go with the traditional method. But with trenchless repairing, you don’t have to remove any concrete platform or permanent construction built over the sewer line. Maximum one or two square meter digging is enough to replace or repair the entire pipeline.

Due to these benefits, trenchless sewer repair has become the first choice for every household. You must consider trenchless repair solutions over traditional methods for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

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