Add Unique Appeal to Home by Using Rustic Sofa Table


Many people are fond of rustic furniture. This is simply because they want to bestow a rustic charm to home by taking advantage of the rustic trend. Some of the must-have furniture for a rustic style home include wood slab rustic sofa table, side desks, chairs, entryway bench and lots more. If you want to bring the outdoors inside, rustic side tables make a great addition to any seating area. You can choose hairpin legs that help to balance the bold rustic table top with a contemporary feel of mid-century. Entryway benches placed at the door also offer a rustic feel to homes and help to remove all clutter coming through the door. Besides, wood slab sofa tables provide raw edge trend in homes. So, why don’t you make use of wood slabs for creating rustic tables? This will offer a unique touch and feel to your décor. Moreover, it can be customized as per your whim. Now, how you can make a rustic sofa table? Let’s check out the tips for creating a rustic sofa table from a wooden slab:

Add Unique Appeal to Home by Using Rustic Sofa Table

  • Collecting all necessary equipment

In order to make a rustic sofa table, you will need a live edge wood slab, tools for carving wood, sandpaper, foam paintbrush, urethane sealant, pencil, ruler, table leg brackets, screws, round tapered table legs, electric drill, interior paint and painter’s tape. Furthermore, you should wear safety gloves while trimming the bark off the wood slab. You can also wear goggles and a face mask while sanding for your safety.

  • Preparing live edge wooden slab

After collecting all the essential items, you must prepare a live edge wood slab that you can get in your local lumber yard. Large warehouses contain different types of wood, but you have to select the one which has the natural edge and bark. Next, you have to remove the bark with sharp carving tool and sand sawed edges and the sides of the slab. Make use of the sandpaper where you have removed the bark. Apply coats of urethane sealant to the entire slab, including the slab sides where the bark was removed with the help of a foam paintbrush for completing your slab preparation. Let the urethane sealant get dry for about an hour while applying coats and let your final coating to cure for one day.

  • Placing & marking the table legs

Try to flip the slab of wood and place flat table leg brackets beneath the table top. Make use of a ruler for ensuring even wood placement. Hold the bracket in the right place and mark the bracket holes with a pencil. Mark the screw holes on the bracket corners and the center hole, where your sofa table legs will be screwed in.

  • Drilling & screwing the legs

Make use of drill bits, matching your screw width to the center of your table legs. Pre-drill the holes that were earlier marked beneath the wood slab. Attach the brackets to the wood with screws by using an electric drill.

  • Masking Off the legs

Mask off the table leg ends with painter’s tape in order that they don’t get the paint on them. You should press the tape in a firm way at the right place.

  • Applying paint on the legs

Try to apply two to three coatings of interior paint on the table legs with a foam paint brush. You can choose any color as per your preference. Let each layer of paint get dry for about an hour before applying the next coat. The final coat needs to be cured for 24 hours.  You can then remove the painter’s tape.

  • Screwing the table legs after painting

Place the table legs over the brackets beneath the wood slab. You should screw them at the right place by turning the leg over the hole. Ensure the fact that the end of the table leg is firmly screwed into the pre-drilled hole added in the bracket. This will offer a tight construction.

  • Decorating wooden slab as a sofa table

Finally, you should decorate the live edge wooden slab as a sofa table ( Flip the table to check whether it is stable or not. Since live edge wood is rough and not perfectly straight, you can keep a felt cushion to the bottom of the legs that are not touching the floor. This would add more stability to the table, preventing it from shaking while in use. Complete your task by adding a graceful touch as a sofa table.

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