12 Breathtaking Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company


With stylist designs and superb functional ease, Modern Fan Company has always been recognized for their innovative and contemporary range of best ceiling fans. There is a wide array of choices for every preference and need, ranging from sophisticated and stylish Altus Hugger to the contemporary styled Pharos fan. All ceiling fans, irrespective of their style and look, provide unmatched air distribution throughout any room. Innovative style, simplicity, elegance and design of these fixtures are made to deliver optimum air distribution capability as well. Let us introduce 12 breathtaking ceiling fans from Modern Fan Company.

12 Breathtaking Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company1.  Cirrus Hugger Fan

Cirrus Hugger is a powerful ceiling fan with eloquent design and stylistic elements. This model has been made to accommodate requirements for low ceiling and it quickly became a popular product for attic apartments. With just 13″ gross height and 7″ distance between blades and the ceiling, it can hug any rooftop.

2.  Altus Ceiling Fan

The Altus represents the engineering and designer excellence that Modern Fan Company stands for. The model is more compact and offers an organic shape that can easily be accommodated in any interior. The fan is available in two finishes – brushed aluminum and gloss white finish.  The blade span is available in three options-36″, 42″ and 52″. There is also an optional light kit that allows for both halogen and fluorescent light options.

3.  Flow Ceiling Fan

This incorporates a practical and clean design. The die cast aluminum body of this fixture is available in two finish options that are gloss white and matte nickel finish. The blades have 52″ length and made of bent plywood. The blades are available in bamboo, nickel, or white finish options. The light kit with halogen or fluorescent light is also optional.

4.  Lapa Fan

This has a distinct style with mouth-blown glass used to create an elegant look.  It also comes with two optional lights- compact fluorescent or an incandescent lamp. It also qualified for Energy Star labeling from EPA and is considered one of the power efficient designer fans built by the company.

5.  Ball Ceiling Fan

Ball fan has its roots in minimalist approach of the company in ceiling fan design. With a perfect round sphere in the middle, it provides simplicity. Having garnered energy efficiency certification from EPA, this is also another power saving fixture from the brand.

6.  Pharos Fan

Pharos is a large sized fan that combines a powerful motor and performance boosting design principles to ensure unmatched air distribution throughout any interior. With a series of louvers, it has an art deco look.

7.  Cloud Ceiling Fan

This offers a naturally shaped opal glass shade in the center of the fan that provides 120 watts of incandescent light or equal strength of fluorescent light of 200 watts. Cloud fan comes with textured nickel finish and it offers two blade span options of 42″ or 52″.

8.  Halo Ceiling Fan

The brand made a breakthrough effort by introducing a fan made of mouth-blown glass as its main ingredient material. With the high quality European grade glass used in this model, it is likely to provide ultimate translucency by diffusing light. The opal glass in the lower side holding the source of light creates enough brightness to illuminate the room. It creates a halo like countenance by casting soft light into the upper glass which makes the entire fan glow. Having received Energy Star labeling of EPA it is another highly efficient and energy saving fixture.

9.  Velo Ceiling Fan

Efficiency of a fan is primarily measured by its capacity of circulating the air inside a room.  In this respect, Velo is a really powerful fan with strong motor and contoured blades that are made of high-impact molded ABS plastic ensuring optimum air movement.

10.  Pensi Ceiling Fan

Pensi Fan named after the famous Spanish designer, Jorge Pensi, offers minimalist design coupled with optimum fanning performance. The model available in finish options such as gloss white and aluminum or anthracite. It is stylish and powerful and is suited for all types of interiors. Pensi offers contoured molded blades made of highly effective ABS plastic ensuring optimum fanning speed and air distribution.

11.  Solius Fan for Ceilings

This comes with an aluminum body and plywood blade options of two dimensions, 42″ or 52”.  There is an array of finish options to choose from. Solus has a practical look with functional and sleek design. There are also optional light kit and controls to add more value to this model.

12.  Torsion Fan for Ceilings

Torsion Ceiling Fan comes with an aluminum body and plywood blades with 3 span options, 42″, 52″, or 62″.  A range of finish options are available. It has an elegant modern design and comes with optional light kits.

In conclusion it would be safe to state that Modern Fan Company provides its buyers with a multitude of unique, stylish and state of art designer ceiling fans that can complement the interiors of any set up.

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