Seagull Lighting Pendants – An Ideal Solution for Indoor & Outdoor Space


Pendant Lighting

Installing pendant lighting is common these days. These are hanging lights, which you can fix in the ceilings and consequently, there will be inundation of light in the entire room. In the earlier days, these were not popular as we see today. People never fixed pendants in the main areas like the drawing room or the bedrooms. Nevertheless, in our time, things have changed. There are extremely alluring pendants in the contemporary market that you can fix instead of chandeliers. One tempting factor is that pendants carry low price tags, when compared with chandeliers. You need comparatively less money for buying even centerpiece-types like the ones with big glass bowls or similar ones. However, it is imperative that you must buy superior quality pedants like the Seagull Lighting Pendants. The brand has several models, from highly attractive ones to the smaller accent pendants.

Seagull Lighting Pendants – An Ideal Solution for Indoor & Outdoor Space

Seagull Lighting Company has the practical experience of nearly a century in creating highly handy lighting fixtures; the company history begins in the year of 1919. The company creates highly ornamental, as well as common-use lighting fixtures. All the products are fully functional because of the meticulous manufacturing processes. The brand name Seagull Lighting is greatly popular, and people generally buy these fixtures by just naming this brand. The vast experience makes the company the trendsetter as regards the lighting industry. The R&D department of the company remains always active and strives to float novel products every now and then, exactly in line with the demands of the existing population. They conduct thorough researches before the creation of newer products and makes use of the related modern technological tools for the production process. This dedicated approach, which makes the company capable of launching innovative products that satisfies the mental penchants of the present-line of consumers, is the key reason for its success. The company products enjoy wide acceptance across the country.

There are numerous models of Seagull Lighting Pendants. This abundance is a practical advantage; you get the liberty to choose the best ones that will satisfy your specific requirement. The list includes ‘Hanging Globe’, ‘Kerrville’, ‘Holman’ ‘Perryton’, ‘Pratt Street Collection’, ‘Stone Street’, ‘Arilda’, ‘Kea’, ‘Calder’, ‘Chatauqua’, ‘Yeyne’, ‘Elsa’, ‘Morill’, ‘Davlin’, ‘Gereon’, ‘Cowen’, ‘Canfield’, ‘Gaelan’, ‘Galvyn’, etc. These are just a few of the collections; there are a lot more. Each one is superb in look and bears exquisite finish with powerful functional capacity. You can install them in all indoor and outdoor areas, and thus enhance the beauty of the space considerably. A significant point to note is that, it is possible to fix them even in the core areas like the living room, bedrooms, etc. The availability of mini pendants is yet another great advantage of this brand; you can choose extremely glamorous pendant lightings for smaller areas. Besides, the prices stay within the budget of the average customers. You will not have to pay exorbitantly. Even though the prices are competitive, all the products bear utmost perfection and functionality, combined with the energy-saving feature.

Find Out an Experienced Trader

You must buy Seagull Lighting Pendants from leading dealers only. This is very important for getting the original ones and with proper warranty. Moreover, there will be some added advantages; you will get good customer service. You can expect to get trade discounts, which will help you to lower your budget. The company will not charge the customers for packing and shipping, etc., which will be again beneficial to you. The items will reach your doorstep within the stipulated time. The after-sale service of such companies will be very much impressive. You will always get customer-friendly services from them.

For finding out reliable traders, you can seek the advices of your close friends and relatives. Internet search is the best method these days. This is the best way to visit the online portals of various traders to have a practical comparison as regards the available models, functionality, and price.

Troy Lighting Sconces and Troy Lighting Chandeliers Will Boost Indoor Beauty


Perform Lighting Task Prudently

Lighting a building is a momentous task, and it is always advisable to do the same with care and precision. This is a vital point that you have to take care, which will decide the overall brightness and organized nature of the indoors. Even if you do all the other interior decoration works meticulously by attending even the comparatively minor points in detail, when you make even some small errors here, then that will surely ruin the appeal of the overall décor. This is the main reason why many people take lighting as an integral part of the indoor decoration. You can assign the task to professional interior decorators for getting more exactness. Such companies will be able to pick the exactly needed lighting designs and shades. However, the main thing lies in the selection of the lighting fixtures. You must opt for the latest models of leading brands like the Troy Lighting Sconces, Troy Lighting Chandeliers, etc. This is the pragmatic way to make the lighting task easier and effective. Even professional interior decorators recommend this brand, just because of the cost-effectiveness and the overall enchantment it will phase in within the residence.

Why Troy Lighting?

There is a great market demand for this brand, and lighting professionals recommend this. Troy Lighting Company, which operates from California, is highly renowned for its excessive zeal for excellence, designs, and value-added services. The fame of Troy Lighting is increasing all the time, and it has become a common name as far as the lighting industry is concerned. All Troy Lighting fixtures have that special charisma that is essential to make the space related cute and attention-grabbing. Besides, this brand maintains a reasonably high rank and keeps the price tags comparatively realistic and hence, acceptable. Customers won’t have to spend exorbitantly and can stay within the set budget. You will get quality items with lesser prices. This is indeed a welcome feature, which will satiate the wishes of all segments of customers.

You can find both interior and exterior lighting fixtures under this brand, and this makes it easy for the customers to fix quality lighting fixtures all through their residence. They can keep the indoor and outdoors of their houses more enchanting by installing the fitting fixtures. Almost all lighting fixtures produced by the company, in particular, the Troy Lighting Sconces and the Troy Lighting Chandeliers have gained the applause from all segments of the customers. The notable special features include the hand-forged iron and hand-applied finishes. The attractive shades that will go well with all modern wall colors and the highly alluring glass covering tops make the items all the more eye-catching.

Troy Lighting Sconces

Sconces are one of the main attractive products that come from Troy Lighting Company. Superbly crafted sconces are eye-catching lighting fixtures. By fixing these, one can make the indoors and outdoors more attractive to eyes. You can fix this type of lighting fixtures at almost all parts of the residence, including the outdoor spaces, especially, places like the garden sheds. Troy Lighting Sconces are available for both the main walls and the bathroom walls. There is a grand collection of the same. Top-quality materials and supreme craftsmanship are the specialities of this brand. The availability of conventional, modern, and the transitional-designs gives you the freedom to pick the exact ones that you need. One can certainly impart a unique feel to the existing ambience by installing Troy Lighting Sconces.

Troy Lighting Chandeliers

A living room without a cutely-designed chandelier will look somewhat exposed. Chandeliers are unavoidable lighting fixtures as far as main areas such as the living room, bedrooms, or a large lobby. Nevertheless, one must fix eye-catching ones to make the space glamorous. The best bet is to buy Troy Lighting Chandeliers. They are reasonably priced and have that enticing nature, which will make the atmosphere gripping. The precision in designing makes the item extremely alluring. You can find diverse types of chandeliers under this brand like the rustic, contemporary, or the candle-inspired ones. Let whatever be the models you choose, rest assured, all of them come with clear precision and will give you appreciable service for long years.

Buy from Leading Lighting Merchants

It’s imperative that you must buy Troy Lighting fixtures from established merchants if you wish to get the latest models of this make. Moreover, only from such dependable traders you will get the original items. Apart from this, buying from the online portals of established traders will be a pleasure, because, of the easiness of the whole process. You will be able to select your products in line with your preference, as there will be direct-entry to various items and brands. You will also get attractive trade discounts, which will be very much beneficial, especially, when you are shopping a whole bunch of fixtures. In addition, there will be free shipping facility, and this means that the items booked will reach your home within the agreed time. You will not have to take the bother for performing this task.

Enhance your Bar with a Custom Bar Top


Bars at home serve the purpose of unwinding after a long work week, spending time and having fun with friends and family. This dedicated space may also be where you catch up on your favourite sporting events, or other entertaining programs with your family. It is a great place to catch with your folks and enjoy each other’s company. A bar maybe placed in any part of the home – the living room, next to the kitchen, in the patio, and so on. Just as a countertop is an essential place for your preparatory work in the kitchen, a bar top is where you make your drinks and serve them. A great way to enhance this space is by opting for a custom built piece.

Why custom bar tops

There are many reasons why a custom bar top is better than a ready to fit piece. It helps you build  a worktop that is suited to your needs. The measurement fits right into the space that is available over the cabinets, and around the area where the bar is located. Customization also lets you pick a product that matches your tastes. The style, material, edges, profiles, and many other details can be crafted according to your likes and dislikes. You can choose reclaimed wood if you want build a bar that is rustic themed. Oak lumber is ideal for bars that are located outdoors. Reclaimed chestnut works well for bars with small tops, or those that are in the kitchen. Worktops made from pine work best in homes with a traditional or antique. In addition to wood, bar tops can be fitted with metals like zinc, copper, or even brass. Their ever changing patina brings a unique attraction to your place for relaxation. You can opt for different profiles from simple rectangles to those with ornate or layered edges, which add beauty to your bar top. You can pick different colors, and apply unique finishes to your liking, or to suit the interior design and decor theme.

How to make a custom bar top

Unless you are someone who is well versed with building bars, cabinet, and worktops, it is best to take the help of an interior designer and a countertop vendor to get your bar top made. They help you explore different options and give you a solution that is tailor made to your needs. The customization process begins when you submit a rough sketch or pick an image of the bar top that you want fitted. Next you need to share the measurements. Some vendors also offer on site visits, where a qualified person or a designer evaluates your bar to give you suggestions on what works in the space. The next step is to select the profile as well as materials that go into the making of the bar top. You could choose wood, marble, sandstone, or metal. You also need to select the color and finish of your custom bar tops. Once through, the vendor submits a prototype, which maybe a downsized version of the actual top, or a 3D rendering. The latter helps you evaluate the complete picture, and make changes if necessary. Once you approve the design, the vendor begins the manufacturing process. Some of them also insist on an initial payment towards confirmation of order.  Once the product is built fully, the vendor ships it to your location, and also sometimes offers an on-site installation service.

Thing to keep in mind

You need to bear a few things in mind when ordering a customized bar top ( Firstly, you need to specify a budget that you are willing to spend on the project. Understand that custom built pieces maybe more expensive than ready to fit designs owing to various reasons like manpower charges, unique materials, designs, and so on. The shape, color, and finish of the counter you choose needs to be not only functional but also compliant to the rest of the interior design scheme. The profile needs to take into consideration the seating arrangements, if any. Rounded edges work better than square ones when you have bar stools set up all around.

A custom built bar top is the perfect solution to all your bar-related needs. A well designed piece can actually elevate the look and feel of this space for booze, fun and entertainment.

Essential Steps to Find Your Perfect Comforter


The bedroom is the most personal and possibly your most favorite place in the entire house. You love this rooms for many reasons. It gives you a cozy space to tuck yourself in after a tiring work day. Time with the family – be it reading bedtime stories or watching your favorite series – feels better and livelier in the bedroom. Whatever the role of your bedroom be, the one thing that matters the most in this space is comfort. When falling into bed to unwind and distress, you also need a good comforter that gives you ample warmth and keeps you cozy all night through. These fluffy blankets are available in many variants, and here are some steps to help you choose the best comforters for sale in stores with ease.

  • Choose the type of fill

The fill is the material that goes inside the two fabric layers of the comforter. The most popular fill is down feathers, the fluffy material that sits below a duck’s or goose’s feathers. These clusters are made up of light, fluffy filaments, which expand and intertwine to form air pockets, which in turn trap air and provide insulation. This property makes down extremely warm and light. However, some people might be allergic to down comforters (, and there are synthetic fillings available for use in such cases. The material used in synthetic fill includes wool, silk, and polyester batting.

  • Determine the warmth level needed

Different types of comforters are designed to give you different levels of warmth and comfort. The warmth that is needed during summers or in places that have warm climates, is the bare minimum. Comforters for this need tend to be extremely thin and lightweight. Another category of comforters that are available are apt for use round the year. These work in room temperatures between 65°F and 69°F, and are of medium weight. Yet another class of comforters, which are even heavier, are designed for use in early spring or late fall. The heaviest of them all tend to be comforters made for use in winters. These provide the maximum warmth of all.

  • Pick the right shell

The shell is the fabric layers in between which the fills are placed. This is what comes in direct contact with your body when you sleep. Different fabrics have different textures and feel differently on the skin. Some of the most popular materials used include Batiste (extremely light in weight and durable), Sateen (soft feel and high sheen), Damask (excellent quality at a great price), and Cambric (basic weave with an excellent value). While solid colors are the most preferred on comforters, those with printed and woven designs too are available. These add to the aesthetics of your room, and are great assets when you want to show off your interior décor skills.

  • Check for the fill power

The fill power is the volume of a single ounce of down filling. A higher fill power insulates better, yet weighs less. This also indicates a better loft, or fluff. A fill power of 600 or more indicates an excellent loft. The fill power is also a good way to select a comforter for its warmth. A lighter fill power (500 or below) is appropriate for a warm room, or when you sleep in thick clothing. A thicker fill power (600 and above) suits a cooler room, or if you prefer sleeping in light clothing.

  • Choose an appropriate size

The size of the comforter needs to be in tandem with the size of the bed, lest it look and feel awkward. Most comforters come in standard sizes that match the dimensions of standard beds like the twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king, and California king. Beds of non-standard dimensions may need custom made comforters.

  • Examine the construction

The construction of the comforter has a big role to play in its durability and performance. Good quality comforters generally come with a baffle box (grid like stitching) construction. This keeps the filling in its place and prevents it from clumping or shifting, which over time can create cold gaps.

Take note of the above-mentioned steps and you can find your best suited comforter with ease.

Seagull Lighting Pendants – The Best Way to Compliment Your Décor


Lighting Pendants are always a favorite choice of many light enthusiasts, who want to decorate their homes in a stunning way. Seagull Lighting pendants are not an exception in this regard. They carve out a unique look whatever may be the type of your home. You can opt for a variety of illuminations from this manufacturer. Be it light for your indoor space or in your outdoor space, these illuminations can spruce up your decor in a remarkable fashion. Now, what would you do if you have to make the selection from a wide array of illuminations from Seagull? Let’s have a look at a few superb illuminations from Seagull:

seagull-lighting-pendants-the-best-way-to-compliment-your-decor  Brushed Nickel Finished Pendant – Whether you are searching for indoor illumination or outdoor lighting solution, this LED light pendant from Seagull can carve out the perfect niche for your home. It is inspired by an industrial illumination. The hard-working large scale metal pendant is sure to make a significant design statement. You can get the illumination in either brushed nickel or autumn bronze finishes. Moreover, there are options from one to three lights that are completely enclosed with a diffuser at the end, which helps to spread light output consistently, reducing the glare. You can get this pendant in incandescent and ENERGY STAR-qualified superb styles. LED replacement lamps are also available for converting to LED.  The illumination often comes with a four to five year warranty. However, you have to check out the safety list for damp locations before purchasing.

  3-Light Brushed Nickel Finish – This is a shape of modern illumination by Seagull featuring an interconnecting steel frame of globular shape. The frame helps to harken back the sphere created for the New York World’s Fair. You will simply love the modest illumination. The soft and warm glow of the illumination gets emanated from the cylinder-shaped Satin engraved glass shades. The complete assortment often comes with nine light chandeliers, mini pendants and two-light semi-flush transformable into a pendant. You can get energy star glowing Lamping.

  Satin Etched Glass Pendant – If you are fond of simple and airy appearance, this illumination from Seagull can bring the perfect poise to your decor. This embraces the modern design roots while augmenting gracefulness to your home decor. Steel arms spread outward from this fixture offering a spectacular elongated Satin Engraved glass shade. Often you can get this illumination in brushed nickel and burnt finishes. Usually, the assortment includes five light chandeliers, mini pendant made up of one light, light pendants as well as light semi-flush mounts. You can convert the two-light semi-flush mounts to a pendant. Choose this pendant from Sea Gull and add brightness to your space. Nevertheless, before placing orders, do not hesitate to have a look at the safety list for damp locations. Normally, this illumination comes with a warranty of one year.

  Transitional Lighting from Seagull – Furthermore, if you are looking for transitional styling lighting collection, Seagull lighting manufacturer will provide you the right solution. This illumination pendant can carve out the right elegance for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. You can find out the transitional styling in the sophisticated symmetry enunciated by extending and sweeping arms. Pointed engraved glass shades create a soft up light, making the illumination complementary to a variety of décors from conventional to contemporary. Offered in Brushed Nickel as well as Burnt finishes, the set often includes a fifteen-light chandeliers, three-light hall or hall illumination, light mini pendants as well as light semi-flush mount. Buy this for your dear ones and enliven their homes in an exclusive style. You can get this illumination with a warranty of three years.

  Pierced Metal Shade Lighting Pendant – This is another illumination to add poise to your decor. The pierced metal outer shades of this Seagull illumination come with a classic design detail adjoining faux silk internal shades. Besides, the frosted glass diffusers consistently dispense the glow and the handy brushed nickel polish emphasizes the transitional design. You can get this collection in a brushed nickel finish with light island pendant, light pendant, light mini-pendant as well as light semi-flush mounts which can be converted into a lighting pendant. You can get one year warranty on this product. However, before you buy, do not forget to check the safety list for damp locations.

So why are you waiting for, if you want to decorate your home with Seagull illuminations? Place orders for the best designs available online and compliment your decor in the best way.

Minka Lavery Chandeliers: Seven Breathtaking Designs for The Modern Home


Chandeliers are often the first of objects to come to our mind when we talk about light fixtures. It is among the first lighting products to be used for an aesthetic purpose as much as a functional one. Chandeliers have undergone much transformation over time – beginning with intricate designs, carved metal, crystal beads, shiny glass globes, candelabras, and so on, to more sleek, geometric and simple designs that are in tandem with contemporary themes, and more fit for urbane styled homes. Minka Lavery Chandeliers offers an array of lighting solutions ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary styled ones. These products feature anywhere from five to even eighteen or more lights, making them a marvelous addition to living rooms. Here is a look at 7 brilliantly designed chandeliers from this brand.

minka-lavery-chandeliers-seven-breathtaking-designs-for-the-modern-home•  Camer – Handcrafted in Italy, this product has a unique artistic allure that lends a hue-filled charm to living spaces. Camer is an 8 light chandelier that features candelabra lights. The body and lights are made of colored/stained glass with showcase leaf and flower accents. The material used is Murano glass, and the chandelier uses 60 W bulbs as its illumination source.

•  Nanti – A unique chandelier that features a drum-shaped design, Nanti emanates an aura of beauty and mystery around it. The product features an Iron Oxide Finish with Etched Vanilla Glass, and showcases and intricately etched pattern of metal set against a warm ivory colored background of the lampshade. Nanti is a 3 light chandelier that uses A19 Med bulbs and is dimmable in nature.

•  Bella Fiori – When graceful art meets stylized sophistication, products such as Bella Fiori are born. This chandelier blends in contemporary and artistic inspirations with ease to create a light fixture that is as awe-inspiring as it is breathtaking. Bella Fiori features 13 lights with 50 W Gu10 bulbs. The body is finished in Chrome and the lights in Piastra Orchid Glass which in turn has floral shaped Eidolon Krystal™ accents inside.

•  Ajourer – Chandeliers were once a mark that belonged to the royalty and hence featured designs that were true to their taste. Ajourer by Minka Lavery is one such chandelier that remains true to its root through its design. The central space is occupied by rows of glass and metal accents. The candelabras are nestled in a circular base surrounding this core. Covering these light sources is a wide ring of metal that features intricately carved designs lending it a truly royal look. Ajourer is finished in French Bronze and houses 13, B10.5 candelabras.

•  Squared – Contemporary styled lights often borrow a lot of inspiration from Geometry. Squared is one such chandelier whose minimalistic style speaks volumes and fits perfectly into urban themed homes. This light fixture features a circular base over which 5 Xenon G9 bulbs rest. Covering each of these lamps is a cuboidal lampshade made in frosted glass lending it an icy-glow. Squared is a height adjustable chandelier that contains a metal body finished in Polished Nickel and has lights that are dimmable.

•  Winter Solstice – This design is a feather in the hat of Minka Lavery, and features a stunning 310 lights within a single chandelier. These lights in turn are housed within three ring shaped frames of varying sizes suspended from the center. True to the name, this chandelier reminds one of the halos of the sun and sits perfectly as a bedazzling beauty in any contemporary styled home. Winter Solstice has a body finished in Polished Nickel whose charm is enhanced by clear crystal accents.

•  Glimrende – Simple yet stunning is a description that is appropriate for products such as the Glimrende chandelier. This light fixture is composed of four arc-shaped metallic frames held together in a barrel-like fashion. Inside this frame are placed eight light sources, split as four lights each, across two tiers. The body of Glimrende is finished in Polished Nickel while the lampshades are made from Etched Opal Glass.

The Minka Lavery range of chandeliers is truly a stylish addition in any home. The light fixtures are capable of transforming the look and feel of dwelling spaces so as to remind one of ‘dream abodes’.

Five Things That Make Casablanca Ceiling Fans the Best


When interior design is considered, every element has its own contribution to make and its own story to tell. Though ceiling fans are not one of the fanciest interior decor items, they sure can light up a place and pull it together. Many interior designers use it as a centerpiece in drawing rooms and living rooms, and explore the full potential of these fixtures. While a few fans are just designed to blow wind, few are designed to include lighting fixtures as well. To put it simply, a ceiling fan is one of those equipment that are both functional and beautiful at the same time. However, only few ceiling manufacturers can achieve this rare feat of blending engineering with design and create masterpieces. Casablanca Ceiling Fans is one of those very few, revered ceiling fan manufacturers and here’s everything you need to know about the company.

Five Things That Make Casablanca the Best

1. Design

Certainly design has to be the first element on the list because Casablanca Ceiling Fans are known for their ingenious designs. Customers and interior designers alike see these fans as great interior decor items owing to their exemplary design language. With every interior design movement, Casablanca as a company has evolved with time, resonated with the trend and marked itself as the trend setter in the ceiling fan industry. The designers and engineers of the company always try to stay relevant in their design language and treat fans like beautiful and functional art forms.

2.  Functionality

A ceiling fan is of no worth to a customer if it just serves as an interior decor item. Functionality and engineering is as important as design, and engineers at Casablanca Ceiling Fans are pretty serious about the functionality and efficiency of their fans. Some of the quietest motors in the industry are used in these fans to keep them functional yet subtle. Adding to the synergy of design and engineering, the fan blades are designed such that they deliver maximum airflow at given speed and wind conditions. Simply put, design and efficiency are always given the topmost priority at Casablanca.

Five Things That Make Casablanca Ceiling Fans the Best3. Elegance

With enough design and detailing, any product can look beautiful and grand, be it jewelry or ceiling fans. As told before, designers and artists at Casablanca Ceiling Fans treat fans as art forms and stress highly on the elegance of these wind blowing machines. The company employs a number of skilled craftsmen and artists who work on fine finishing and detailing. In fact, it is the detailing and the grandeur of these fans that make them a popular choice for interior design.

4. Energy Efficiency

Almost all electrical products are manufactured to be energy efficient these days and Casablanca Ceiling Fans indeed considers energy efficiency as a priority. All the ceiling fans manufactured under the brand have an Energy Star rating on them, certified for energy efficiency. These fans consume the lowest of power and give the maximum output, thus reducing the amount of electricity consumed and offering the highest efficiency.

5. Customization

Given that the prime focus of Casablanca Ceiling Fans is design, the company indeed receives a lot of custom orders for both residential and commercial purposes. The company has enough skilled craftsmen, engineers and designers to deliver all kinds of custom orders within no time. In addition to taking custom orders, the company also gives inputs on various orders and works hand in hand with the customer to realize better looking ceiling fans (

Thus design, engineering, elegance, energy efficiency and customization are the 5 things that make Casablanca Ceiling Fans one of the best in the industry. Read on to know a brief history of the company, its founder and the company’s glorious journey over the years.

History of Casablanca

The company began its humble operations in 1974 and was founded by Burton A. Burton. Starting with a simple belt driven ceiling fan, the company has come a long way. From setting benchmarks in the industry in terms of design to engineering ceiling fans for maximum efficiency, the company’s foundations lie in beauty and quality. Quality and customer satisfaction is always given the utmost importance at Casablanca Ceiling Fans and to ensure the same, stringent testing is performed on each product before releasing it to the market.

Check Out These Amazing Ceiling Fans by Minka Aire


Minka Aire, from the famed Minka Group of lighting accessories, has a wide range of stylish ceiling fans for discerning homeowners. Ceiling fans are preferred by designers not just for their looks, but also for higher energy efficiency and increased air circulation. With a relatively small upfront investment in these fans, a homeowner can save heavily on utility and maintenance bills over the years.

While the older, clunkier fans were notorious among designers for disrupting carefully planned decor schemes, these fans from Minka Aire complement the look and feel of the rooms where they are installed. Whatever be the size of the room- from small bedrooms to expansive halls, rest assured that Minka Aire has a fan that’s great for it. The firm’s fans are also customizable with a wide range of colors and finishes on offer. In this post, we take a look at Minka Aire’s extensive model range.

Check Out These Amazing Ceiling Fans by Minka AireIndoor Fans

Contemporary Fans

These come with the most fashionable designs. Some of them are famous for their quirky look like the George Kovacs Cirque fan. This model has three 54” blades and three 25” blades, giving it a slightly asymmetrical look. The bulbous motor housing and included halogen downlight give a very timeless look to the fan, almost like a mobile piece of art. Minka Aire’s Gyro fan series is a reinterpretation of an old classic design. The Gyro has a pair of adjustable turbofans mounted on the sides of a bulbous housing, combining the look of wall and table fans with the practicality of a ceiling fan. The entire assembly rotates slowly to push air throughout the room. This model is useful for ventilating large rooms and open porches effectively. It comes in Wet (Outdoor) and Dry variants with brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. You can also go full retro with the Traditional Gyro fan, which features some stunning metalwork with Belcaro Walnut and Provencal Blanc finishes. With the optional remote control, you can change the Gyro fan’s speed from anywhere in the room. Coming to more avant-garde designs, Artemis, Light Wave, Slipstream, Wing and Zen are very popular among customers. The Wing fan, in particular, is a two blade design that closely resembles a flying craft with its fixed blades and curving blade pitch.

Small and Medium Indoor Fans

These fans have a span ranging up to 44” and are suitable for smaller rooms or for installation in sets of two and more. The Spacesaver models are “hugger” fans which can be installed directly to low ceilings without a downrod. These can be purchased in White, Brushed Steel and Oil Rubbed Bronze colors. They also feature down lighting using halogen and LED bulbs Concept I, and Concept II are larger three bladed designs with 44” variants, designed for quiet operation and high efficiency.

Large Indoor Fans

These come with a span of 45” and more. They can be installed as standalone fans in large living rooms and master bedrooms. Some of the popular models in this size category are Acero, Bolo, Delano, Mojo and Napoli.  These models also offer down lighting and come in a wide variety of finishes like Belcaro Walnut, Provencal Blanc, French Beige, Mottled Copper with Gold Highlights, Patina Iron and Driftwood. With the most modern parts and features like touch controlled wall units and remote control, these fans offer quiet luxury to homeowners.

Outdoor Fans

Indoor fans cannot handle the vagaries of weather like strong sunlight, humidity and moisture so they are not installed in porches, gazebos and patios. Outdoor fans are specially made models with anti-rust coating and damp proof motors and rotary parts. Minka Aire has introduced outdoor variants for most of its popular models, so buyers can pick and choose depending on their preference. Both contemporary and classic designs are on offer such as models like Sundowner, Hearst Castle Santa Lucia, Moda and Gilera in different size variants and finishes. These outdoor fans ( also carry an extensive warranty, so buyers can rest assured about the quality.

Effective Guidelines to Use Dining Room Chandeliers


Chandeliers are quintessential decorative lights to beautify a home. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. From crystal chandeliers to hand-forged wrought iron chandeliers to the ones with polished brass or metal finish, they can enhance the ambience of any room of your home.  Every chandelier, whether small or grand, can add to the warmth and elegance of a room. A variety of options in finishes is available, ranging from traditional, transitional, contemporary style to rustic ones. There are chandeliers with clean lines and sleeker finishes and there are options with multiple light and multiple tiers. While all can contribute to the mood of the ambience, you need to know what suits your room the best.

Dining room chandeliers are special

Dining room chandeliers are ideal to add an element of beauty, elegance, sophistication and tradition to your space. Chandeliers carefully chosen can create any desirable mood. People, who wish to add a traditional chalet style to their dining room, can opt for large sized, crystal or rustic chandeliers ( More than style or decorative aspects, the size of this light fixture should also be given due consideration.

Finding the perfect chandelier for dining room

Finding the ideal chandeliers to compliment your size and style of your dining room can be challenging. There are plenty of material and finishing choices available in the market. You should first consider the size of the chandelier before anything else.  A chandelier that looks too small for a spacious dining room or an oversized chandelier in a relatively small room can look awkward and mar the interiors.

These are some useful steps to find the ideal shape, size and style of dining room chandelier.

•  Decide on the style first. Would you prefer a contemporary look or a traditional one or a transitional style?

•  Crystal chandeliers are more traditional for dining room. On the other hand, chandeliers made of chrome and glass can offer a more modern look. You can also consider a wrought iron or metal chandelier for a cool industrial look.

•  Next consideration is the size. Do not choose oversized or undersized chandeliers. Never go for a style compromising the size you need.

How to ensure gorgeous ambience with dining room chandeliers?

Create some sparkle

With a gleaming chandelier you can create a focal point just on top of your dining table. You can also choose single or multi layered crystal settings in your dining room chandeliers. For a more practical look you can consider a metal finish.

Effective Guidelines to Use Dining Room Chandeliers

Make chandelier more attractive with surrounding pendant lights

A big chandelier in a wide open dining room may look too lonely and can look odd. A collection of overhead pendant lights can create a fuller feeling and make the chandelier even more attractive.

Go for fusion style

A fusion of tradition with modern and contemporary elegance can create an ultimate jewel over the dining table. When choosing a chandelier for contemporarily styled ambience, always select somewhere between a traditional and hip look. A fusion is a perfect meeting point of two opposing design elements. There are plenty of such innovative styles you can find in popular chandelier collections.

Decorative touch to the ambience

Until now we have primarily focused on complementing the dining room ambience with the perfectly styled and sized chandeliers. However, we can further add to the prominence of this magnificent light fixture by combining it with furniture that complements it.

12 Breathtaking Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company


With stylist designs and superb functional ease, Modern Fan Company has always been recognized for their innovative and contemporary range of best ceiling fans. There is a wide array of choices for every preference and need, ranging from sophisticated and stylish Altus Hugger to the contemporary styled Pharos fan. All ceiling fans, irrespective of their style and look, provide unmatched air distribution throughout any room. Innovative style, simplicity, elegance and design of these fixtures are made to deliver optimum air distribution capability as well. Let us introduce 12 breathtaking ceiling fans from Modern Fan Company.

12 Breathtaking Ceiling Fans from Modern Fan Company1.  Cirrus Hugger Fan

Cirrus Hugger is a powerful ceiling fan with eloquent design and stylistic elements. This model has been made to accommodate requirements for low ceiling and it quickly became a popular product for attic apartments. With just 13″ gross height and 7″ distance between blades and the ceiling, it can hug any rooftop.

2.  Altus Ceiling Fan

The Altus represents the engineering and designer excellence that Modern Fan Company stands for. The model is more compact and offers an organic shape that can easily be accommodated in any interior. The fan is available in two finishes – brushed aluminum and gloss white finish.  The blade span is available in three options-36″, 42″ and 52″. There is also an optional light kit that allows for both halogen and fluorescent light options.

3.  Flow Ceiling Fan

This incorporates a practical and clean design. The die cast aluminum body of this fixture is available in two finish options that are gloss white and matte nickel finish. The blades have 52″ length and made of bent plywood. The blades are available in bamboo, nickel, or white finish options. The light kit with halogen or fluorescent light is also optional.

4.  Lapa Fan

This has a distinct style with mouth-blown glass used to create an elegant look.  It also comes with two optional lights- compact fluorescent or an incandescent lamp. It also qualified for Energy Star labeling from EPA and is considered one of the power efficient designer fans built by the company.

5.  Ball Ceiling Fan

Ball fan has its roots in minimalist approach of the company in ceiling fan design. With a perfect round sphere in the middle, it provides simplicity. Having garnered energy efficiency certification from EPA, this is also another power saving fixture from the brand.

6.  Pharos Fan

Pharos is a large sized fan that combines a powerful motor and performance boosting design principles to ensure unmatched air distribution throughout any interior. With a series of louvers, it has an art deco look.

7.  Cloud Ceiling Fan

This offers a naturally shaped opal glass shade in the center of the fan that provides 120 watts of incandescent light or equal strength of fluorescent light of 200 watts. Cloud fan comes with textured nickel finish and it offers two blade span options of 42″ or 52″.

8.  Halo Ceiling Fan

The brand made a breakthrough effort by introducing a fan made of mouth-blown glass as its main ingredient material. With the high quality European grade glass used in this model, it is likely to provide ultimate translucency by diffusing light. The opal glass in the lower side holding the source of light creates enough brightness to illuminate the room. It creates a halo like countenance by casting soft light into the upper glass which makes the entire fan glow. Having received Energy Star labeling of EPA it is another highly efficient and energy saving fixture.

9.  Velo Ceiling Fan

Efficiency of a fan is primarily measured by its capacity of circulating the air inside a room.  In this respect, Velo is a really powerful fan with strong motor and contoured blades that are made of high-impact molded ABS plastic ensuring optimum air movement.

10.  Pensi Ceiling Fan

Pensi Fan named after the famous Spanish designer, Jorge Pensi, offers minimalist design coupled with optimum fanning performance. The model available in finish options such as gloss white and aluminum or anthracite. It is stylish and powerful and is suited for all types of interiors. Pensi offers contoured molded blades made of highly effective ABS plastic ensuring optimum fanning speed and air distribution.

11.  Solius Fan for Ceilings

This comes with an aluminum body and plywood blade options of two dimensions, 42″ or 52”.  There is an array of finish options to choose from. Solus has a practical look with functional and sleek design. There are also optional light kit and controls to add more value to this model.

12.  Torsion Fan for Ceilings

Torsion Ceiling Fan comes with an aluminum body and plywood blades with 3 span options, 42″, 52″, or 62″.  A range of finish options are available. It has an elegant modern design and comes with optional light kits.

In conclusion it would be safe to state that Modern Fan Company provides its buyers with a multitude of unique, stylish and state of art designer ceiling fans that can complement the interiors of any set up.

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