Enhance your Bar with a Custom Bar Top


Bars at home serve the purpose of unwinding after a long work week, spending time and having fun with friends and family. This dedicated space may also be where you catch up on your favourite sporting events, or other entertaining programs with your family. It is a great place to catch with your folks and enjoy each other’s company. A bar maybe placed in any part of the home – the living room, next to the kitchen, in the patio, and so on. Just as a countertop is an essential place for your preparatory work in the kitchen, a bar top is where you make your drinks and serve them. A great way to enhance this space is by opting for a custom built piece.

Why custom bar tops

There are many reasons why a custom bar top is better than a ready to fit piece. It helps you build  a worktop that is suited to your needs. The measurement fits right into the space that is available over the cabinets, and around the area where the bar is located. Customization also lets you pick a product that matches your tastes. The style, material, edges, profiles, and many other details can be crafted according to your likes and dislikes. You can choose reclaimed wood if you want build a bar that is rustic themed. Oak lumber is ideal for bars that are located outdoors. Reclaimed chestnut works well for bars with small tops, or those that are in the kitchen. Worktops made from pine work best in homes with a traditional or antique. In addition to wood, bar tops can be fitted with metals like zinc, copper, or even brass. Their ever changing patina brings a unique attraction to your place for relaxation. You can opt for different profiles from simple rectangles to those with ornate or layered edges, which add beauty to your bar top. You can pick different colors, and apply unique finishes to your liking, or to suit the interior design and decor theme.

How to make a custom bar top

Unless you are someone who is well versed with building bars, cabinet, and worktops, it is best to take the help of an interior designer and a countertop vendor to get your bar top made. They help you explore different options and give you a solution that is tailor made to your needs. The customization process begins when you submit a rough sketch or pick an image of the bar top that you want fitted. Next you need to share the measurements. Some vendors also offer on site visits, where a qualified person or a designer evaluates your bar to give you suggestions on what works in the space. The next step is to select the profile as well as materials that go into the making of the bar top. You could choose wood, marble, sandstone, or metal. You also need to select the color and finish of your custom bar tops. Once through, the vendor submits a prototype, which maybe a downsized version of the actual top, or a 3D rendering. The latter helps you evaluate the complete picture, and make changes if necessary. Once you approve the design, the vendor begins the manufacturing process. Some of them also insist on an initial payment towards confirmation of order.  Once the product is built fully, the vendor ships it to your location, and also sometimes offers an on-site installation service.

Thing to keep in mind

You need to bear a few things in mind when ordering a customized bar top (www.ehow.com/list_7563938_ideas-bar-tops.html). Firstly, you need to specify a budget that you are willing to spend on the project. Understand that custom built pieces maybe more expensive than ready to fit designs owing to various reasons like manpower charges, unique materials, designs, and so on. The shape, color, and finish of the counter you choose needs to be not only functional but also compliant to the rest of the interior design scheme. The profile needs to take into consideration the seating arrangements, if any. Rounded edges work better than square ones when you have bar stools set up all around.

A custom built bar top is the perfect solution to all your bar-related needs. A well designed piece can actually elevate the look and feel of this space for booze, fun and entertainment.

Essential Steps to Find Your Perfect Comforter


The bedroom is the most personal and possibly your most favorite place in the entire house. You love this rooms for many reasons. It gives you a cozy space to tuck yourself in after a tiring work day. Time with the family – be it reading bedtime stories or watching your favorite series – feels better and livelier in the bedroom. Whatever the role of your bedroom be, the one thing that matters the most in this space is comfort. When falling into bed to unwind and distress, you also need a good comforter that gives you ample warmth and keeps you cozy all night through. These fluffy blankets are available in many variants, and here are some steps to help you choose the best comforters for sale in stores with ease.

  • Choose the type of fill

The fill is the material that goes inside the two fabric layers of the comforter. The most popular fill is down feathers, the fluffy material that sits below a duck’s or goose’s feathers. These clusters are made up of light, fluffy filaments, which expand and intertwine to form air pockets, which in turn trap air and provide insulation. This property makes down extremely warm and light. However, some people might be allergic to down comforters (www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-down-comforter.htm), and there are synthetic fillings available for use in such cases. The material used in synthetic fill includes wool, silk, and polyester batting.

  • Determine the warmth level needed

Different types of comforters are designed to give you different levels of warmth and comfort. The warmth that is needed during summers or in places that have warm climates, is the bare minimum. Comforters for this need tend to be extremely thin and lightweight. Another category of comforters that are available are apt for use round the year. These work in room temperatures between 65°F and 69°F, and are of medium weight. Yet another class of comforters, which are even heavier, are designed for use in early spring or late fall. The heaviest of them all tend to be comforters made for use in winters. These provide the maximum warmth of all.

  • Pick the right shell

The shell is the fabric layers in between which the fills are placed. This is what comes in direct contact with your body when you sleep. Different fabrics have different textures and feel differently on the skin. Some of the most popular materials used include Batiste (extremely light in weight and durable), Sateen (soft feel and high sheen), Damask (excellent quality at a great price), and Cambric (basic weave with an excellent value). While solid colors are the most preferred on comforters, those with printed and woven designs too are available. These add to the aesthetics of your room, and are great assets when you want to show off your interior décor skills.

  • Check for the fill power

The fill power is the volume of a single ounce of down filling. A higher fill power insulates better, yet weighs less. This also indicates a better loft, or fluff. A fill power of 600 or more indicates an excellent loft. The fill power is also a good way to select a comforter for its warmth. A lighter fill power (500 or below) is appropriate for a warm room, or when you sleep in thick clothing. A thicker fill power (600 and above) suits a cooler room, or if you prefer sleeping in light clothing.

  • Choose an appropriate size

The size of the comforter needs to be in tandem with the size of the bed, lest it look and feel awkward. Most comforters come in standard sizes that match the dimensions of standard beds like the twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king, and California king. Beds of non-standard dimensions may need custom made comforters.

  • Examine the construction

The construction of the comforter has a big role to play in its durability and performance. Good quality comforters generally come with a baffle box (grid like stitching) construction. This keeps the filling in its place and prevents it from clumping or shifting, which over time can create cold gaps.

Take note of the above-mentioned steps and you can find your best suited comforter with ease.

Brighten Your House with Light Fittings from Tech Lighting


All interior decorators now swear to the fact that lighting is one of the most significant aspects of decor, at par with other crucial elements like flooring and wall color. Gone are the days when light fixtures were bought only for their functionality, now there are a multitude of factors that are involved while picking up light fitting for any room. You need to consider many aspects – type of fixture, visual appeal and power consumption – to ascertain the best fixture for your home.

Brighten Your House with Light Fittings from Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting is a company that is known for bringing in the very best in light fittings. The company is known all across the lighting world for its low-voltage light fixtures and beautiful contemporary fittings. Since their foundation, they have made innovation their primary ideal and this is the reason why today their catalogue comprises of fixtures that are a perfect example of most creative designing and world class cutting edge technology. All their light fittings offer both practical functionality as well as aesthetic enhancement. In addition to their focus on innovative designs, Tech Lighting also stresses on stringent quality checks and exceptional customer care and ensures that every light fixture that leaves their factory is fault free and of highest standards. This is the reason why Tech Lighting is today the market leader in low-voltage light fittings and holds a massive 60% control of the market!

Offering green lighting solutions, the extensive catalogue of Tech Lighting includes pendants, light heads, chandeliers, linear suspensions, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, wall mounts, bath collection, recessed light fittings, monorail, Kable Lite, Freejack, Exhibit Lights, Optical Controls and Lamps. With such a wide variety of fixtures available, deciding which fitting is suitable for which room, might be a bit challenging. Here are some tips that will help make your choice easier:

1.  Ideally, you should mount a chandelier and a few flush mounts in your living area for ambient lighting needs. You can also install recessed lights for mood lighting, modern lamps for task lighting and picture lights for accent lighting requirements. Tech Lighting offers a wide variety of these fixtures. Analyze your room décor and get fixtures that complement it well. Tech Lighting’s Staccato Ceiling Light for chandelier and Hudson wall sconce are best for the purpose.

2.  For your dining room, you should ensure that the illumination is bright enough to eat your food comfortably but should also feel warm and inviting. To achieve such illumination, you should mount a small chandelier over the dining table. The shape of this chandelier should match with the shape of the table. For instance, you should choose Rhapsody Ceiling light if you have a circular dining table and Mercer Suspension Light if you have a rectangular table. Install this light 30 inches above the table to avoid casting any shadows while eating.

3.  The aim of bedroom lighting is to offer complete rest after a tiring day at work. You should use a mix of various types of light fittings so that you can fulfill multiple tasks like reading, sleeping and dressing comfortably in the room. Wall sconces, wardrobe lights and lamps together can help you achieve such lighting scheme.

4.  Install wall mounts and cabinet lights in your bathroom for proper illumination. Tech Lighting offers an exclusive range of bath collection for your lighting, mirror and vanity needs. Some of their bestsellers in the bath collection include Amalia Bath, Gia Mirror Kit, Gia Vanity Kit, Revel Linear Wall and Tigris Mirror.

5.  You need good illumination for cooking food properly in the kitchen. Therefore, lighting plays a vital role in kitchen interiors. Mount pendants over the kitchen platform for your task lighting requirement. Unilume LED Light Bar on the counter and linear pendant fixture like Zhane Trio Suspension over the counter are perfect for the purpose.

6.  People often tend to ignore outdoor lighting, but it is also very important to give attention to exterior illumination to avoid accidents and make your home look welcoming. Use lantern style fixtures, post and pier mount to illuminate your landscape, driveways, garage and patio.

Whether it is bath and wall sconces or chandeliers and pendants (www.wikihow.com/Select-Pendants), Tech Lighting will surely have something interesting to offer from their catalogue. So, go ahead and pick a fixture of your choice and be assured that your light fitting will not only be stunning and durable, but will also help you save loads of money on your power bill.

Use Et2 Lighting Fixtures to Augment the Beauty of Interior Spaces


Lighting a Building

Though the task of lighting a building was an exclusive task in the bygone days, it’s an integral part of the overall interior decoration works these days. The process has another dimension now. Previously, the key objective was just to provide the needed illumination within, and across the immediate exterior spaces of the structure. However, in our time, people generally use this task to intensify the overall glamor of the place concerned by installing ornamental light fixtures. There are many brands of such decorative lights in the market, and you are sure to face a typical dilemma while picking the appropriate pieces. However, you must not feel puzzled by seeing the flood of lighting fixtures; what you will have to do is to think realistically and make a plan for your intended lighting task. Go in accordance with that plan only, and don’t deviate from it at any cost. If you expect long and uninterrupted service, you will certainly have to go for quality products like the Et2 Lighting fixtures.

Et2 Lighting Fixtures

Et2 Lighting, which is an associate of the Maxim Group of companies, is one of the principal light fixture manufacturing companies that keenly focus in the creation of avant-garde lights and the related accessories. The company specializes in creating the most modern types of lights, as well as the traditional pieces. There is a broad band of Et2 Lighting fixtures, and this includes chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and bath sconces. All of these items are highly decorative pieces and are useful for dual purposes; you can use them not only to bring in brilliance across the area, but also to augment the prevailing elegance. The key factors that make these items extremely popular are the stylish nature, efficiency, and the reasonable price tag.

ET2 Chandelier: The array of ET2 chandeliers consists of outstandingly created pieces that have high utility and decorative capacity. Here also, you can find contemporary designs, as well as the conventional styles. The most popular items include 5-light, 6-light, 8-light, 9-light, 16-light, and 20-light chandeliers. You can fix them in the living room, hallways, or even in bedrooms; wherever you fix them, the adjacent areas will attain a royal status.

ET2 Chandelier

ET2 Pendants: There is a wide range of pendants such as medium, large, mini, small, and island pendants. It will be quite easy for you to choose these items, as there are hundreds of pendants under the brand name of ET2. You can find conventional type of pendants, linear ones, multi-light pendants, and drum-shaded pieces.

ET2 Pendants

ET2 Flush Mounts: There is a broad spectrum of this product, and all of them are ornamental and handy ones. The availability of different capacity fixtures like 1-light, 2-light, 3-light, 6-light, 7-light, 9-light, 20-light, 22-light, 25-light flush mounts gives you an excellent opportunity to fix the most appropriate ones.

ET2 Flush Mounts

ET2 Table Lamps: You can find all sorts of designs here. In fact, with the advent of these products, the pre-conceived notion regarding table lamps has changed quite a lot. Previously, table lamps (homeaccessories.about.com/od/Lamps/tp/Choices-in-Table-Lamps.htm) were useful just for showering sufficient light on table tops to enable the user to do some kind of works. However, during the present-day, they are also capable of amplifying the beauty of a room. You can find a whole bunch of ET2 table lamps and therefore, you will have to be cautious in selecting the proper ones.

ET2 Table Lamps

ET2 Floor Lamps: The classic style and the adaptableness of ET2 floor lamps are indeed amazing, and these are the key traits that have made the item well-accepted. You can find diverse types of floor lamps that come with varied price tags, and this helps you to select the ones that fall within your requirement and of course, budget.

ET2 Floor Lamps

ET2 Wall Sconces: These are charming light fixtures, which when fixed will make the related areas luminous and stylish. By using them, you can make the interior decoration task simpler and effective. There are hundreds of models available, with different lighting capacities and so, it is very easy to select the proper ones.

ET2 Wall Sconces

ET2 Bath Sconces: Fixing ET2 bath sconces is a practical way to create trendiness within bathrooms; by this way, you can also saturate the entire area with soothing brilliance. Different versions of bath sconces that hold single or numerous lights are available. You must take the size of the bathroom into consideration and pick the most apt one for your precise requirement.

ET2 Bath Sconces

Tech Lighting Fixtures Make Your Interior Spaces Shiny


Lighting a Building is a Part of Interior Decoration

With the change of time, the concept behind lighting has changed considerably. In this day and age, people don’t take this specific function as a mere way to illuminate a building; they correlate this function with the general beautification processes and deem the same as an unavoidable part the overall interior decoration works. However, you will have to take care of certain factors while choosing modern lighting fixtures; the key points include the outward appearance of the units, the relevance of the same in connection with the space concerned, the energy efficiency, the trendiness of the designs, and the cost-efficiency. Only when you choose the related fittings prudently, of course by taking into account the aforementioned factors, you will be able to make the process effective, and if not done, properly, you will certainly mess up the tidy and organized nature of the interiors, as well as the exterior regions.

Make Use of Trendy Fixtures like the Tech Lighting Fixtures

Picking up the right lighting fixtures is very important. You must ensure that the items you buy are well-designed, stylish, as well as functional ones. This is the way to phase in modernism and pleasant brightness within the indoor areas and the adjoining exterior places of your residence. You can go for quality products like the Tech lighting fixtures. The company has a rich record of selling low-voltage lighting fixtures and the related trendy ornamental fixtures. The management is very keen in developing novel types of light fixtures that will give long service to the users with efficiency and by using comparatively low electricity. For achieving this set objective, the company maintains an organized R & D department, which has a good pool of educated, talented, and efficient technicians.

This particular brand has numerous connected products such as chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces (www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-wall-sconce.htm), bath sconces, mirror lights, ceiling mounts, etc. The entire band enjoys a clear supremacy (with majority market share) as far as the present low-voltage market segment is concerned. The extensive experience, which extends to more than 2½ decades, makes the company highly resourceful. One of the key features of this brand is that they require less energy for proper functioning. This energy-efficient nature makes them all the more popular.

Chandeliers: Chandeliers will enhance the beauty of spacious rooms by sprinkling classiness that contains trendiness. The only thing you will have to take care is to fix the appropriate kinds of chandeliers, exactly in tune with the size and shape of the place. Under the Tech brand, you can find a whole bunch of cute and functional varieties. Ensure that you are choosing the right model.


Pendants: The eye-catching designs and high functionalities, which have earned the approbation of the clients and awards, are the notable special features of these brand pendants. You can find various models of the same, including colorful and artistically designed ones, and so it will be very easy for you to select the suitable ones for your precise requirements. The availability of mini-pendants makes the selection process easier.


Wall Sconces: These well-engineered and trendy looking light fixtures will be suitable for fixing on all wall surfaces. They are compact, stylish, and fully functional; you can engrave elegance within the indoor areas by fixing them. The beauty of the designs and the high functional nature make Tech wall sconces very popular.

Wall Sconces

Bath Sconces: The concept regarding bathrooms has changed considerably along with the flow of time. These days, they are glamor-rooms rather than bathrooms. Of late, all people have started to decorate this place as copiously as possible, because, all modern-day rooms have attached bathrooms. They try to make bathrooms spick and span, because of the proximity to the other main places of the building. By using tech bath sconces, which trendy, energy-efficient, and handy, you can create wonderful ambiance within bathrooms.

Bath Sconces

Mirrors: Lighting mirrors are the best lighting fixtures that you can fix in specific spots such as bathrooms, wash basins, near the dressing tables, in the corridors, etc. These fixtures serve the practical purpose of mirrors; moreover, they will also add elegance to the space concerned, apart providing the correct type of illumination within. There are three well-defined models; rectangular, oval, and round pieces. All of these three items are spectacular ones.


Ceiling Mounts: The contemporary designs of tech ceiling mounts will certainly add additional allure within your rooms, and you can fix them in all places.

Ceiling Mounts

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